Gluten Free Foods Could Be Ruining Your Health

Gluten free foods are all the rage right now. They are in every single grocery store and are very popular. You probably have friends who are gluten free. Heck you may even be picking up packages of gluten free cakes, cookies and bread yourself.

But before you pick up the next one, make sure you read this article first.

Weirdly, this new gluten free trend, kind of reminds me of the disastrous fake fat trend of the 90s, when a huge amount of products hit the market that had 0 fat but were filled with garbage and chemicals no-one can pronounce.

It just shows that Big Food companies don’t really want to see you healthy… they just want to sell you stuff. Same tricks, different day.

So is all this gluten free stuff good for you?

I’ll bet you’ve already guessed my opinion on this. There is nothing wrong with gluten free foods that are naturally that way. It’s when you take a food with gluten and THEN try to make it gluten free that all the bad stuff happens.

Substituting everyday staples with gluten-free foods could increase the risk of obesity, experts have warned, after finding that such products often contain higher levels of fats than the food they aim to replace.

Processed gluten free foods, like their fake fat counterparts from 30 years ago, really just make you fat.

Unless of course you actually NEED gluten free food because you have celiac disease. Then they are very useful as long as they are REALLY gluten free.

Eating Real Food is Always Better Than Eating Frankenfood

I put all these new gluten free foods into the Frankenfood category. These are things created by the Big Food industry to appeal to your sense of health or vanity or trendiness that are made with some really weird ingredients to “pass” as the real thing they are supposed to resemble.

Now this isn’t as bad as fat free cream, but there are a lot of things in here that aren’t super normal.

For me, anytime I see an ingredient list like this, I run the other way. It’s just too much extra stuff. Staying away from Frankenfoods (anything with chemicals in the ingredient list) is just a good idea.

Eat real food instead. White rice for instance is always gluten free and contains just white rice.

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Extra Fat in Your Food Is Bad News

As much as some gluten free items have Frankenfood labels, I worry even more about the fat content. Here’s what the study found:

The team found that, on average, gluten-free bread loaves had more than twice the fat of conventional loaves, while gluten-free breads in general had two to three times less protein than conventional products. Gluten-free biscuits were also found to be lower in protein but higher in fat, while gluten-free pasta had lower levels of sugar and just half of the protein of standard pasta.

This is a huge problem, because when you consume gluten free foods, you are consuming a huge amount of hidden fat. Which leads to blood fat.

Higher blood fat in any form is always a very bad idea.

High blood fat , or lower plasma levels of fat, are very destructive to your body. And you get them by eating a lot of fat (like what is in gluten free foods), and especially PUFA fats.

PUFA fats are polyunsaturated fats – things like corn oil, soy oil, canola oil, and all vegetable oils. Exactly the kind of oils that are doubled up on in gluten free products.

I know that everyone says they are good for you, but they aren’t. They are really, really, really awful. They are extremely unstable and that instability causes havoc in your body.

Just take a look at what happens with vegetable oil when you leave it out. It turns rancid and greasy and this is EXACTLY what happens in your body. Ick.

Blood fat has been linked to diabetes, weight gain, inflammation, high blood pressure and a ton of other issues.

So if you eat fat, make sure it is stable saturated fat (animal fat and coconut oil) and never polyunsaturated fats. And do your best to limit it.

Eating Foods that Double Up On The PUFA Fat (Like Gluten Free Foods) Is Even Worse.

Unless you have a real medical need to not eat gluten – than gluten free foods are a terrible idea. Because of the higher fat content they put you at much higher risk for all kinds of medical issues.

Try a diet that is high in sugar and simple starches (potatoes and white rice), a moderate amount of protein, and a small amount of fat. You will probably feel a lot better then if you eat all the high fat, gluten free products that are on the market today.


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