Is Global Warming Causing Diabetes?

Have you ever just looked at something and went “total B.S.”?

That’s how I feel about this click-bait study on global warming and diabetes. It’s a bunch of crud. Seriously. Just a total bunch of junk.

This is what the study says:

The worldwide prevalence of glucose intolerance rose by .17% per 1-degree Celsius increase in temperature.

Interesting, but I think there is probably something else going on here.

Look, Jodi and I went to an Indian restaurant a few days ago and we were enjoying our curry and talking to the servers there who were first generation American immigrants.

And in the middle of discussing the fantastic food (and how different it is from the Americanized versions), we also kibitzed about the weather. Both here and there.

India gets HOT, HOT, HOT, and there is a huge upsurge of diabetes in India – it seems to be geographically isolated and not about temperature or the rise in temperature. So something else had to be going on here in the same time period.

I’ll tell you about why this study is BS in a minute, but first it’s important that you know that you won’t hear a lot of the stuff I talk about from the medical establishment, because…

The Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Alternatives to Their Lifelong Drugs.

There is no money in it for them. Plain and simple. They’d rather keep you hooked and paying them month after month then tell you about any alternative. And so they just keep pushing and pushing the pills and shots and drugs.

It’s in their best financial interest to keep you dependent.

But if you want a chance of getting off some of that stuff, then stay tuned because what I’m going to reveal could change your life.

(don’t ever go off of diabetes drugs or pills or start a new program without talking to your doc first – I’m not a doc, I’m a researcher, and this is not medical advice).

So let me tell you WHY this global warming connection is complete bunk.

Association Vs. Causation (and why this study is bunk)

This B.S. study on global warming and diabetes ONLY looked at association. Meaning that one thing didn’t cause the other. They just happened at the same time. (crazy, right). One could have NOTHING to do with the other, and in my opinion probably doesn’t. That’s why I’m calling bunk!

Association doesn’t prove ANYTHING at all. And more importantly it doesn’t let Big Pharma and Big Government off the hook for giving all of us super-bad info for the last 60 or 70 years.

So if global warming probably isn’t causing diabetes to increase, then what is and why are so many more people suffering from this disease?

Huge Amounts of Garbage In Our Food Supply – For One.

Now if this doesn’t make you mad, then write to me and tell me (or write and tell me if it does). Because when I first found out about this particular little tidbit, I was FURIOUS.

There is a bunch of junk in our food today, but I can nearly GUARANTEE you that you have been lied to over and over about what the junk actually is, so that you can be sold more “healthy” items that may actually be killing you (and cost and arm and a leg too).

For REAL tips (not bogus studies) on how men are reversing their diabetes like crazy click here.

Follow the Money (Again)

What happens when farmers have a ton of leftover “waste” product that isn’t getting sold and isn’t getting used?

It gets marketed to consumers as a healthy alternative (even if that is a total and complete fabrication).

When my Grandfather’s generation was alive they ate animal fat – sausages, soups, lard, butter & eggs. And the rate of diabetes was lower.

Note: this is just association at this point, but I have FACTS to back up what I’m saying, unlike the BS global warming study.

But then… the farmers and big government got together and found a way to change how we eat.

(BTW… I’m NOT endorsing a high-fat diet here, check this out for what I do recommend)

They told us what we were doing was causing heart disease and to use vegetable oils instead of lard and butter, because it moved the agricultural waste: corn, canola, and other vegetable oils aka PUFAs or polyunsaturated fats into a profit center.

This is disturbing stuff – especially when you find out what PUFAs REALLY do to your body.

Why PUFAs are the Devil

When I first tell people about avoiding corn, canola, soy, fish and other vegetable oils folks have a hard time believing me quite honestly. And I can’t blame them. This stuff is in nearly every pre-packaged product we eat (salad dressings are really, really bad), and we’ve been told over and over again that it’s good for us.

That is a lie. PUFAs are a terrible idea.

There are a ton of reasons to never ingest a PUFA again, but I’m going to leave you with this one.

Studies show PUFAs cause fatty liver disease (which about 40% of men today have in the Western World)

And Fatty Liver contributes to diabetes by causing insulin resistance.

Basically, from what I’ve seen – the more PUFAs you eat the sicker you get. It really is crazy, and it should make you MAD…. because I don’t know about you, but I thought for most of my life that’s what I SHOULD be eating. But it is the EXACT opposite of what actually fuels your body efficiently.

So do I think that global warming is causing any kind of rise in diabetes? No. The study is dumber than doornails.

But do PUFAs directly relate to diabetes? Yep. Seems that they do, and what I’ve shared here is only the tip of the iceberg.

My suggestion…

Avoid PUFAs at all cost and go soak up some sun.


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