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This vitamin is 93% effective at preventing and reversing glaucoma

Glaucoma is the name given to a number of similar eye conditions which can lead to blindness.

The eye disease is linked to other diseases but it’s most strongly linked to aging.

Some people develop glaucoma quite early in life – while other people may live to 100 without ever developing the problem.

Glaucoma is not simply caused by aging.

As with many other age – related diseases, glaucoma seems to be caused by a lack of energy.

Animal researchers found that an energy boosting supplement could prevent or reverse glaucoma.

The nutrient – vitamin B3 – was up to 93% effective.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida. The paper was published in Science.

Glaucoma is a disease which causes harmful changes to the structure of the eye – it can result in blindness.

Glaucoma are neurodegenerative diseases that cause vision loss, especially the elderly.”

Here’s a tip – if you see the word “degenerative” in the description of a disease, you should assume that energy is involved.

Degenerative diseases occur when cells cannot produce enough energy to maintain the structure of the body or body part.

The authors of the paper claimed that the cause of glaucoma was not known – but they suspected energy deficiency played a role.

“The mechanisms initiating glaucoma during normal aging are unknown.”

The researchers had carried out previous experiments looking at the health of the mitochondria in mice with glaucoma.

The mitochondria are little engines inside every cell – the engines which produce all of the energy the body needs.

So, did mice with glaucoma have mitochondrial energy problems?

Of course they did!

“Studying glaucoma prone mice, we show that mitochondrial abnormalities are an early driver of the disease, occurring before detectable eye degeneration.”

Mitochondrial energy problems occur before the structure of the eye starts to degenerate.

The degeneration of the eye leads to the disease glaucoma.

In these experiments, the researchers wanted to know whether they could interrupt, prevent, or reverse glaucoma by improving the health of the mitochondria…

And thereby providing more energy to support the structure of the eye.

The researchers had shown that the mitochondria in the eye cells had low levels of NAD+.

“Retinal levels of NAD+ decrease with age and render aging neurons vulnerable to disease-related insults.”

NAD+ is essential for the mitochondria to produce energy.

But there are a few things which we can use to increase the levels of NAD+ available to our mitochondria.

The simplest way to boost this energetic compound is to supplement with a form of vitamin B3 called niacinamide.

The researchers carried out experiments where they gave mice vitamin B3 to increase NAD+ and fuel the mitochondria.

In other experiments they genetically modified mice so that they produced more NAD+.

Both methods of increasing NAD+ protected against glaucoma – showing that glaucoma is largely a disease of low energy.

“Gene therapy or B3 supplementation or protection both prophylactically and as an intervention.”

High doses of vitamin B3 were almost 100% effective at preventing glaucoma in mice genetically predisposed to developing the disease.

“At the highest dose of B3, 93% of eyes did not develop glaucoma.”

Now you see why I say that “degenerative” diseases are caused by low energy.

B3 boosts NAD+ which increases energy in the cells – preventing or slowing glaucoma.

“This research supports the therapeutic use of vitamin B3 in glaucoma and potentially other age-related neurodegeneration.”

Much of what we understand as age-related disease is actually caused by low cellular energy.

If you can help cells to produce more energy, you can build a more robust and youthful structure.

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Vitamin B 3 modulates mitochondrial vulnerability and prevents glaucoma in aged mice