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Proof that gray hair is stress related and totally reversible

Gray hair is one of the obvious visible signs of aging.

Older people are more likely to have graying hair – but it’s not like we all hit a certain age and go gray.

Some people go gray 30 – some never go gray at all.

The question is why?

Some believe it is because of genetics, some say diet – but new research indicates that stress is a cause of graying hair.

Even more interestingly, it looks like reversing stress can reverse gray hair.

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The human research was carried out at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York. The paper was published in eLife.

Stress is one of the causes which has been attributed to graying hair.

Some people have claimed to reverse their graying hair – but they are rarely taken seriously.

“Hair graying is a hallmark of aging generally believed to be irreversible and linked to psychological stress.”

The growth and coloration of hair is a process which is highly dependent on energy production in the skin.

“Hair growth is an active process that happens under the skin inside hair follicles. It demands lots of energy, supplied by structures inside cells called mitochondria.”

Hair is coloured in the follicles in the skin and then grows out.

“As the hair grows out of the scalp, it ‘stiffens,’ preserving these molecules into a stable form. This preservation is visible as patterns of pigmentation.”

The authors of this study developed a method that would allow them to follow the coloration of individual hairs in the head over time.

Using this method, they could see if hairs had gone gray and they could even see if hairs had regained their original color.

“Examining single-hairs and matching the patterns to life events could allow researchers to look back in time through a person’s biological history.”

The researchers were shocked to find that reversal of graying hair did occur and in fact was quite common.

“We show white/gray hairs that naturally regain pigmentation across sex, ethnicities, ages, and body regions.”

The research reports on one 34 yr old man whose graying scalp hair reverted to its natural color.

The study reports on a 35 year old woman whose pubic hair did the same as well as another 35 year old man whose beard hair spontaneously recoloured.

The participants kept records of their life stressors and the researchers were able to correlate those life stressors with graying hair.

On top of that, hair tended to regain its color during periods of lower stress.

The lead author said in an interview…

“I was surprised to see how strong of an impact a vacation had on the reversal of graying. One participant went on just a 2-week trip, and amazingly enough, five of their hairs regained color afterwards.”

This is the first time that research has shown the reversal of gray hair in humans.

“Our research thereby quantitatively defines the reversibility of graying in humans.”

It’s also confirmation of what some people have been saying for a very long time – gray hair is likely triggered by stressful life experiences.

“Combining hair pigmentation patterns profiling and proteomics on single hairs, we also report hair graying and reversal that can occur in parallel with psychological stressors.”

The researchers don’t know exactly what’s going on biochemically speaking.

Although it likely has something to do with energy production in the follicle.

This new method allows us the opportunity to study the problem in more detail and no doubt we will learn exactly what’s going on under the hood in future.

“Overall, this new method to quantitatively map recent life history in hair pigmentation patterns provides an opportunity to longitudinally examine the influence of recent life exposures on human biology.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Quantitative mapping of human hair greying and reversal in relation to life stress