Gerson therapy censored? Cures cancer naturally

Gerson therapy censored? Cures cancer naturally

This shocking study slipped through the cracks and shows a 550% greater survival rate… 

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Gerson therapy censored? Cures cancer naturally… 

Published studies on alternative cancer treatment are rare. 

The AMA does allow alternative treatments to have minor market shares in treating sinus infections, muscle pain, and type 2 diabetes.

But they really keep a close watch on the lucrative cancer market. 

This is because their preferred cancer treatment is generally ineffective, as is shown by statistics. 

It has been calculated that chemotherapy, despite being rather expensive, contributes a mere 2.1% increase in survival after five years.

“The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA… It is clear that cytotoxic chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival.”

The alternative market share in things such as pain relief is allowed because these are areas where the AMA excels. 

The people with the nitrous oxide, morphine, and hydrocodone can put anyone to shame when it comes to these functions.

Even blindfolded, any anesthesiologist could make acupuncture seem like a kitten… 

And the kittens cannot win fairly in the cancer game… 

So when an alternative method gains popularity, they’ll rally against it with maximum prejudice. 

The oncology field cannot allow any cracks to show – a true sign of insecurity. 

So when anything is published about the highly effective Gerson therapy, they drown the publisher with “Letters to the Editor.” 

These are filled with “statistical reanalysis,” “professional reinterpretations,” “constructive criticism,” and “respectful rebuttals.”

Yet, upon a reinterpretation of the Gerson treatment “reinterpretation,” they just resort to weaselly arguments and petty bitching…

And what that does is highlight the AMA’s anxiety about the Gerson treatment.

Judging by the quantity and quality of “Letters to the Editor” submitted, the Gerson treatment must be highly effective…

Yet one statistical study has slipped through the cracks. And it is in full accord with Dr. Max Gerson’s original case reports:

5-year survival rates of melanoma patients treated by diet therapy after the manner of Gerson.

These researchers did their work in San Diego, the US city closest to Tijuana – where most Gerson clinics are. 

This is because the AMA drives cancer alternatives to the Mexican peninsula and fences them in…

Well, not literally… But I wouldn’t be surprised if the AMA would help pay for the wall.

In the study, the scientists wanted to gauge the effectiveness of the Gerson diet. 

They compared 153 Gerson patients against accurate epidemiological data and official cancer statistics. 

The work was somewhat complicated by the classification system used in melanoma.

There are four stages (I, II, III, IV) and two sub-stages (A, B) – leading to eight separate categories.

But survival rates for all eight categories are on the books, and the Gerson patients were classified by US oncologists before fleeing to Mexico. 

Basically, all the statisticians in the study had to do after that hurdle was to do interviews, examinations, etc… And then count how many patients were still alive. 

Because there are so many classifications to compare, the percentages against each class vary. 

But the Gerson patients did better in every individual melanoma class.

And, on average, you could probably say they did about twice as well.

Now, in this type of statistical analysis, it’s possible for a percentage to be higher than 100. 

For this reason, the 100% survival rate for stage I and II melanoma only translates into a 27% increase.

Yes, all of the Gerson patients with stage I and II melanoma outdid the flock and survived (100% vs 79%).

A 79% survival rate is the norm for this in the United States, as found in a study by Dr. Charles Balch:

“A 100% 5-year survival rate for stage I and II melanoma patients in the Gerson system compares favorably to the 79% 5-year rate found by Balch in a recent meta-analysis…”

Gerson patients with stage III melanoma had a 5-year survival rate of 71%, almost twice that of conventional “treatment.”

The meta-analysis done by Balch has the corresponding figure at 37%, and the American Cancer Society claims one of 39%.

And the Gerson treatment was most certainly cheaper – and probably even less painful. 

Differences between the most advanced grades were more pronounced, with a 550% greater survival for Grade IV-A melanoma:

“The Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group showed 11 of 194 patients fitting our stage IVA criteria to have lived 5 years, for a 5-year survival rate of 6%. Contrasted with that, the 5-year survival rate for 7/18 stage IVA melanoma patients in the Gerson system is 39% (550%) greater.”

(There was insufficient data for Stage IVB comparisons.)

Increased survival rates are to be expected for such a method, and Gerson had been reporting complete remissions since the 1940s. 

This diet in the Gerson treatment was originally a spin-off of one that he used to cure tuberculosis, a common disease in those days. 

And Gerson made refinements to the diet along the way, making it more effective every year.

He progressively eliminated vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, and iron from his program until arriving at the main core we know today: 

  • Potassium iodide, liver juice, niacin, fruit, vegetables, and coffee are all used
  • No sodium, nuts, seeds, or meat

“Indeed, an analysis of computerized data on lifestyle changes that preceded many spontaneous regressions of cancer…indicated that 55.6% of the sample had used some form of detoxification (i.e. coffee or castor oil enemas or fasting), 87.5% had made major dietary changes (more usually a strictly vegetarian diet), and 55% had taken a mineral supplement (most commonly potassium and iodine).”

After Gerson’s death, other people added other things to the diet such as additional vitamin C, ozone, and linseed oil.

Gerson himself had actually prohibited all fats and oils except for castor oil, which was used only to detoxify and not as food. 

Like William Koch before him, who had successfully employed a similar diet, Gerson placed a great emphasis on detoxification. 

But Gerson placed just as much emphasis on the sodium/potassium ratio, if not more. 

He would always stress this point about the Gerson therapy – and even add in more potassium to an already massive amount. 

Although the sodium/potassium ratio may at first seem a minor contributor to the treatment’s success, this idea has now been scientifically validated many times over. 

Only ten years after Gerson’s death in 1959, the lead biophysicist from NASA’s Langley Research Center was first to show scientifically just how powerful the sodium/potassium ratio can be:

Electroosmotic interactions accompanying mitosis initiation in sarcoma cells in vitro.

In his first article on this topic, Dr. Clarence Cone published observations that he went on to study over the next decade. 

He first discovered that the cell’s division rate correlates perfectly with its membrane potential – the electrical difference across the cell membrane. 

Most cells have membrane potentials of around −40 millivolts (mV). 

But neurons, which rarely divide, are usually around −70 mV.

Cancer cells are usually between −10 and −20 mV and are found to quickly divide as predicted.

Later, he discovered that membrane potential is fundamentally determined by the sodium/potassium ratio… 

Graphs of these two parameters are nearly superimposable. 

He could lower the membrane potential, and thus affect the division rate, simply by increasing the sodium concentration around the cells. 

This causes an influx of sodium into the cell and an efflux of potassium, reliably increasing the sodium/potassium ratio, swelling, DNA replication, and growth.

Effect of Na+ on Mitotic rate

And this was fully corroborated over the next decade with no exceptions…

So if there were actual “laws” in biochemistry, this would be one. 

Biopsy data consistently show the presence of elevated sodium in tumor cells. 

And later on in the 1990s, scientists discovered that DNA actually binds these small sodium ions. 

The ends of chromosomes (telomeres) will bind sodium in a radically different manner than potassium does. 

“A switching between parallel and antiparallel quadruplexes has been observed by Raman spectroscopy and depends on the concentrations of sodium and potassium.”

This happens in a way that promotes the replication of the DNA strands, duplicating a new set for the daughter cell. 

Judging by its classic effect on cells and data derived from circular dichroism, Raman spectroscopy, and X-ray structures, the sodium ion probably acts by untwisting the DNA ends for replication. 

It doesn’t have much effect outside the cell…

But sodium is something of a growth agent when allowed to get inside cells or consumed in massive amounts. 

Physiological growth factors such as polyamines, androgens, and sodium are great for gaining mass but they’re not very helpful for sedentary people. 

And in cancer especially, growth factors of any kind are not good. 

“Perhaps the most salient feature of such a diet, as pointed out by Cope, is its massive potassium to sodium ratio… The sodium content of such a diet would be almost negligible.”

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