From dribbler to fire hose – and triple the pleasure

This unusual sex tip will make things better for you and for her

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—-Important Message—-

“I’m not a dribbler anymore…now it’s a firehose and my wife eats it all up!”

Most of the time I finish inside her… but for those times I don’t, she really enjoys my big load size and how far it goes.

When my loads were very small, I realized I had a problem…

I wanted those huge loads but if anything, mine were getting smaller…

And every guy knows that when you cum, you should have a huge satisfying amount that will impress her…

But did you also know that having a big load size doubles or even triples your pleasure?

It’s true — the more you have to release, the longer you orgasm…

And the longer you orgasm, the more pleasure you feel and the more intense it gets!

So I’ve found a way to increase loads VASTLY bigger, and double or triple pleasure…

And it’s really easy — and also delicious?


Here’s 1 good reason to eat more butter, milk and parmesan cheese

Butyric acid is what’s known as a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA).

It’s one of the 3 most common SCFAs in your gut.

It makes up almost half of all SCFAs in your gut.

Butyric acid’s primary role is to provide energy to your colon cells.

Of course, it’s not limited to this.

It has many more discovered and undiscovered functions.

A quick search on the Internet can list the benefits of butyric acid as follows:

  • May treat IBS
  • Helps with colon cancer
  • Improves insulin sensitivity

These are great things, of course, but there’s more

A brand new study that I’m showing you today surprised me big time.

It made me realize that the benefits of this fatty acid can be HUGE.

Here’s the study:

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This study was conducted at Central Drug Research Institute, India. It was published in Food Chemistry: Molecular Sciences.

In this study, the first objective of the researchers was to investigate the benefits of stearic acid on the gut in more depth.

Because they knew the benefits of stearic acid on the gut from early reports.

But the results were much broader than just intestinal.

I will present them to you a little bit later on…

The researchers took 2 groups of mice and fed them both high-fat diets (60%).

One group received extra sodium butyrate.

After 8 weeks, they assessed the mice’s body composition, weight gain, body adiposity (fat), and biochemical parameters.

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Now, on to those impressive results I’ve just mentioned…

1. Sodium butyrate improved the serum lipid profile and reduced body obesity.

“Compared to the HFD group, the NaB-treated group had lower body weight and food intake, and a substantial drop in eWAT weight. (…) NaB group had significant reductions in lipid markers.”

Not only did the butyrate+HFD mice weigh less (~20%) than the HFD mice, they weighed even less than the control group.

2. Sodium butyrate improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance

“When compared to the HFD group, the glucose tolerance of the NaB group improved dramatically. Similarly, an insulin tolerance test suggested an increase in insulin sensitivity.

3. Sodium butyrate ameliorated adipose tissue inflammation

“At tissue level profiling studies, the pro-inflammatory gene expression such as MhcII, Nfκb, Ifnγ, Tnfα, and Mcp-1 was significantly decreased compared to that of HFD alone fed group.”

4. Sodium butyrate improved leaky gut (less endotoxin!)

“Our studies exhibited that NaB increased the expression of tight junction proteins of intestinal linings and thereby enhanced intestinal barrier integrity.”

This substance has been on my radar for a long time, and with this study, we have seen how magical it really is.

It deserves to be incorporated into our lives.

And there are some ways to do that.

  • Taking sodium butyrate supplements.
  • Eating foods rich in butyric acid, such as butter, milk, and parmesan cheese.
  • Consume resistant starch and fiber, because the bacteria in our gut can produce butyric acid from them.

And the good news is that butyric acid has no reported side effects.

Another study found that butyric acid supplementation reported no side effects at a dose of 300mg per day.

So, it’s safe to try!

—-Important Message—-

Getting rocky from as little as a brush from her

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Thanks to this simple new stroke technique, you are literally increasing sensation by 100 times…

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