Fluoride – good or bad for men?

Here’s what I’ve found…

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Fluoride – good or bad for men?

Fluoride is a natural occurring mineral.

It is found in our bones and teeth.

It’s also naturally found in air, water and soil.

In minuscule amounts, it is beneficial for our bodies.

But the problem is that our environment is full of fluoride. I mean TOXIC amounts.

Toothpastes, some cooking utensils, and more importantly our WATER supply is fluoridated.

Drinking, cooking, and taking a bath in tap water are enough to exceed that toxicity threshold.

Research claims that exceeding the threshold causes a variety of health problems…

It is generally associated with musculoskeletal issues like bone and joint issues.

But it can go as serious as bone cancer, arthritis, and kidney failure.

These are the common outcomes that any web search can show to you..


There is MORE to it..

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The researchers wanted to investigate the interaction of fluoride with other minerals in the human body.

They found the perfect place to test this.

They went to a mountain region at an altitude of 6,500 ft. in Anatolia.

The reason they chose this place was that it was a fluoride rich volcanic region.

That being said, people who lived there were ingesting lots of fluoride through the soil and the water because of that.

“The Tendurek Mountain area is one of these regions with high-fluoride drinking water (…) Prolonged ingestion of this fluoride-rich water produces debilitating chronic fluorosis in humans and animals living in the region.”

So, the researchers picked out 15 participants who showed chronic fluorosis symptoms and a control group.

“Fifteen subjects living near Van, Turkey in the Tendurek Mountain region at an altitude of ca. 2000 m, who were diagnosed for chronic fluorosis through common clinical findings (skeletal abnormalities, painful gait, discoloration and softening of teeth, and difficulty in chewing), were selected randomly to represent the fluorotic group”

They made sure that the participants did not take any mineral supplements for at least two weeks before the blood drawings.

Because they didn’t want supplements to interfere with the findings.

After the blood drawings, doctors investigated the serum concentration of some important minerals in our body…

Namely, Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn), and Magnesium (Mg).

The findings were worrying…

There was a strong correlation between higher fluoride levels with LOWER concentration of those CRUCIAL minerals.

“Subjects with chronic fluorosis had significantly lower (P<0.05) levels of these minerals than the controls”

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The researchers also referred to previous studies that investigated such interactions between minerals.

They pointed out that their findings were similar to those of previous ones.

“These results are consistent with those of Chen et al, who studied the relationship between endemic fluorosis and serum concentrations of certain chemical elements in skeletal fluorosis patients and found a significant decrease in serum concentrations of Ca, Mg, and Cu”

In other words, this phenomenon was inspected and proved more than once.

Now we know that we lose those minerals by ingesting fluoride but..

“What is the problem Matt?” you might ask.

It is BAD to be deficient in those minerals, I answer.

Zinc, magnesium, and copper are vital for tons of processes in our bodies.

Let me explain what lack of these minerals can do to you…

  • Magnesium deficiency can cause stress, insomnia, muscle spasm, mental disorders, constipation…
  • Zinc deficiency can cause low testosterone, impotency, hair loss, impaired immunity, acne…
  • Copper deficiency can cause fatigue and weakness, premature gray hair, frequent sickness..

The list is endless…

What I am saying is that, you DON’T want to lose those minerals.

Therefore, what you should do is stay away from fluoride exposure.

We already get the minuscule amount that we need from foods.

So, look for natural fluoride-free dental hygiene products.

Avoid tap water, don’t drink it.

And try to eat organic foods because most pesticides contain fluoride as well.

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