Flu vaccine may not work well in many older people

There have been a ton of studies showing that the flu vaccine doesn’t really work for older people. But you’ll never see those studies because either their censored, suppressed, or issued with extremely vague and impenetrable language.

In the old days, they would’ve used Latin to write these studies. Because the common man didn’t understand Latin. These days, the equivalent of Latin, our studies with extremely elaborate technical and difficult language.

But scientists have integrity. So here is a huge study that shows once again that flu vaccine does not work for older people. And the study title would never give it away.

Doesn’t make much sense does it?

But what the study says makes a lot of sense

They gave the flu vaccine over several seasons to groups of young, and older people.

And they measured the antibodies that were generated in their bodies from the flu vaccine.

59% of the elderly people had no antibodies after the vaccine

That means that the flu vaccine was ineffective. Because for a vaccine to work, it must create antibodies. No antibodies, no work.

It’s that simple.

But wait, there’s more.

Because hidden away in the language of this study, are some striking statements.

I should tell you that I’ve had a number of older friends who have had a flu vaccine, and have gotten sick afterwards.

Do you know anyone who’s got sick after getting the flu vaccine?

So it’s so common, because I don’t have dozens of older friends. And many of my older friends insist on getting the flu vaccine, and get sick. So therefore, there must be something to this flu vaccine as a way of getting sick. It’s anecdotal, yes, but it still seems like a pattern to me.

In this study shows that the flu vaccine causes inflammation in older people

That inflammation can show up in the form of getting sick, feeling sick, having aches and pains, having trouble getting around, mental confusion, weakness, irregular heartbeat, etc.,

In other words, the flu vaccine itself causes the symptoms of the flu!

It’s a striking finding. One of the main researchers commented:

“This supports the concept that inflammatory responses at baseline may be detrimental to the induction of vaccine-induced antibody responses,” Subramaniam says. “While it is early to suggest, supplementary therapeutic approaches, such as reducing the inflammatory response in elderly patients after vaccination, would be valuable avenues to pursue. However, this warrants longer and more detailed investigations.”

Yet more reasons not to get a flu vaccine. It seems to work better in young people. It definitely doesn’t seem to work well in older people. And it seems to cause a lot of problems in older people, perhaps making them even sicker than they would have gotten if they just had waited to get the flu.

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