Flipping our epigenetic switch stops cancer, heart disease

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Even if you have the genetic markers for diabetes or heart disease — using epigenetics this way can stop those diseases completely

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Flipping our epigenetic switch stops cancer, heart disease

Bill was driving down the road and jamming to some music when his engine started to smoke.

And then it just stopped altogether. Bill had to get his entire engine replaced.

The whole episode was kind of on the crazy side of things.

But it happened because Bill didn’t change his oil – completely preventable.

In cars, the entire system is connected.

When one part goes bad, quite often the rest of it doesn’t work either.

The same is true with our bodies.

So why do doctors treat us like one part of our body is completely separate from the rest?

If you have “rockiness” problems, you get the little blue pill…

You get meds to lower your blood sugar if you have diabetes…

They put you on cholesterol medication if you have heart disease…

But, often, men have ALL of these problems.

And it turns out (surprise, surprise) that they are actually ALL related.

And (good news), if you can start to fix some of the underlying conditions, they will often resolve themselves.

Now, remember, I’m a researcher not a doctor. This is not medical advice by any means.

I just want to inform you of the real problems in our medical system so you can get healthy instead of just getting treated.

Thankfully, the science is FINALLY starting to catch up to this reality (although it may take the medical community another couple of decades).

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It is becoming clear how diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are kissing cousins.

It’s not just lifestyle that gives you heart disease and diabetes – it’s also genetics.

“They showed that most of the sites on the genome known to be associated with higher diabetes risk are also associated with higher CHD (coronary heart disease) risk.”

And, of course, that means that Big Pharma is looking to cash in.

“Identifying these gene variants linked to both type 2 diabetes and CHD risk in principle opens up opportunities to lower the risk of both outcomes with a single drug…”

I don’t oppose treatments being used to treat disease when they actually help.

But science has also recently learned that we don’t have to be such slaves to our genetics.

We can proactively prevent many diseases (even ones we carry genetic markers for) through gene switches called epigenetics.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There are things that change your genes for the negative and there are things that change them for the positive.

“Our genes can be switched on or off by three environmental factors, among other things: what we ingest (food, drink, air, toxins); what we experience (stress, trauma); and how long we live.”

Let’s look at one of the positive things first.


More than just about anything else, exercise (walking 30 to 60 minutes a day is great) protects your entire body from your reproductive system to your brain…

And it seems to dampen down many epigenetic switches that cause damage.

By including exercise in your daily life (and you don’t need to do anything crazy) you will remain healthy, virile, and vital.

And you’ll keep your body (including your heart and pancreas) functioning for much longer.

Now… Let’s look at something to avoid.


It is well-documented that plastics mess up your hormones.

And hormones influence nearly everything in your body – including your pancreas and heart.

So it’s a good idea to avoid plastics as much as possible.

Particularly, don’t use plastics in the microwave and avoid canned foods…

Both lead to a particularly disastrous substance called phthalates leaching into your food.

These are good steps to take whether you are already sick or not, because they can help you stay healthy or get healthy.

And if you have heart disease or diabetes already, make sure your doctor is checking you for the other –  because they often come together.

That may save your life.

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