How to fix anxiety and depression using DHEA or pregnanolone

How to fix anxiety and depression using DHEA or pregnanolone

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There is some tremendous science coming from unlikely sources.

In the case of today’s study, it’s coming from places like the Czech Republic.

One reason that I think this quality research is happening around the world has to do with their healthcare policy.

I think it’s because these other corners of the world do not get locked into working with the giant pharmaceutical corporations.

So researchers can do work and get funding even for studies that reduce the profitability of these Big Pharma Corporations.

In today’s study, they studied men with depression and anxiety — and compared them to healthy men.

And researchers looked at the levels of sex steroids in the men’s bodies and their brains.

The researchers tried to see if there was any relationship between the men’s sex steroid levels and depression or anxiety.

You have to realize that one of the major areas of research being done by the Pharma companies is to exploit natural medicine.

They work hard to find natural, inexpensive hormones or herbs that have health benefits.

And then they attempt to develop patented molecules that they can peddle as incredibly expensive drugs.

In many cases, their patented molecules are much less safe and less proven than the conventional herbs or conventional hormones.
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At the same time, Big Pharma spends a LOT of money discrediting the effectiveness of natural remedies.

In fact, in many places in the world, you cannot get DHEA or pregnenolone because it’s not even legal.

Since strictly speaking, these are hormones in our bodies — the bans don’t make any sense.

The real reason is that what produces a good mood in the brain is a hormone called allopregnanolone.

And the body can use hormones such as DHEA or pregnenolone to produce allopregnanolone.

In turn, the allopregnanolone benefits you because it raises mood and lowers anxiety.

And so, the drug companies believe that these cheap natural hormones threaten their monopoly on drugs such as SSRIs.

That is why studies like this one are important.

So, back to the study.

The healthy, not depressed group of men had higher levels of steroids than the depressed or anxious men.

Testosterone levels didn’t seem to vary in any pattern between depressed, anxious, or normal men.

And cortisol levels were higher in depressed men, but not in anxious men.

That seems opposite of what we would normally think since we think of anxiety as a stress response.

But I also believe that cortisol levels change rapidly during the day.

It’s quite probable that if you measure cortisol levels over time in a better methodology, you will get different results.

You will find that when men become anxious, their cortisol levels will spike higher.

Let’s look at another study — they got far deeper into the pharmacology of the situation.

They especially dove into sulfated steroids, or steroids with a sulfate group in them.

When DHEA contains sulfated, scientists call it DHEA-S.

Lab tests can test both DHEA and DHEA-S if you or your doctor request them.

These are separate tests, so you’d need both.

And you might request them the next time you see him after you read this.

This study shows a strikingly profound finding.

The finding is that the brain produces these neurosteroids such as DHEA.

Until recently, scientists believed that only the genitals and adrenal glands produce steroid hormones.

But it turns out that the brain makes more steroids than anywhere else in the body.

We don’t know yet if the brain just makes some or all steroids.

But some steroids are extremely powerful neurologically.

So, it makes sense that the body would want these made where it uses them.

These include DHEA and allopregnanolone.

One of the most incredible effects of DHEA is its effect on lowering damage done by high cortisol levels.

DHEA has anti-glucocorticoid effects. DHEA is protective against the neurotoxic effects of cortisol.

Now we know that the brain manufactures DHEA because it is that important.

And it is quite possible that many, if not all, steroids (including testosterone) may be produced in the brain in some fashion.

This is yet another reason why we have to realize how little we know about the human body.

And why it’s so much better to stick to natural remedies rather than Big Pharma’s patented molecules.

Besides, you can get all of the natural DHEA benefits for men without any of the dangerous side effects of drugs.

What should you do now?

Well, it’s important not to go crazy with consuming a lot of DHEA.

If you take too much DHEA too quickly, the body turns it into estrogen.

Pregnenolone seems to be safe in almost any quantity — but even then I would restrict it to low amounts and see how you do.

And I would talk to your doctor first before embarking on any similar experiments.



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