%%first_name%% are you taking any of these inappropriate substances?

Damaging substances

These substances are seriously hurting male health

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Are you taking any of these inappropriate substances?

I have big gripes with Big Pharma and the way that they push a lifetime of chemical substances on people. 

Some of these substances — like proton pump inhibitors for stomach acid — were long considered safe…

That is, until recent studies have shown many of these “safe” substances to have unexpected long-term consequences. 

I’ve written A LOT about this problem and how docs just don’t know that it exists.

But there is an entirely DIFFERENT problem that you need to know about. Especially if you are 65 years or older. 

And that is that some substances aren’t suitable for older people, and can put those of us in this age bracket at higher risk of real medical problems.

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Inappropriate substances are a big problem.

There is a list of pretty common substances that should be carefully evaluated if you take them over the age of 65.

Honestly, most of these substances should be avoided by younger populations when possible as well.

The recent research that’s been done by the University of Buffalo has shown that a full 34% of folks over 65 are getting these substances.

The research, which sought to determine the impact of potentially inappropriate ‘substances’ on health care utilization and costs in the United States, also found that more than 34% of adults age 65 and older were ‘given’ these problematic ‘substances.’

That’s a 1 in 3 chance of being given substances that could be VERY detrimental to their health.

This list of inappropriate substances is going to BLOW your mind.

The reasons that so many people over 65 are on potential dangerous treatments is because they are some of the MOST common treatments given out.

Among the potentially inappropriate ‘substances’ examined were antidepressants, barbiturates, androgens, estrogens, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ‘substances,’ first-generation antihistamines, and antipsychotics.

It’s not surprising to me that things like NSAIDs are on this list. 

But I bet it would surprise most docs. 

Not because they are bad people, but because these treatments are listed as safe. 

NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory substances) are things like Advil and Aleve and are taken by lots and lots of people.

The reason that this is a problem is because the risk of harm goes UP as we age.

As the human body ages, the risk of experiencing harmful side effects from ‘treatments’ increases.

Taking inappropriate substances can have serious consequences.

The consequences of this over-treatment is astounding. 

For patients that are over 65 and taking these substances, they were nearly twice as likely to be hospitalized or visit the emergency room as their peers who aren’t taking these substances.

Among the 218 million-plus older adults surveyed, more than 34% were ‘given’ at least one potentially inappropriate ‘treatment.’ Those patients were, on average, ‘given’ twice as many ‘substances,’ were nearly twice as likely to be hospitalized or visit the emergency department, and were more likely to visit a primary care physician compared to older adults who were not ‘given’ potentially inappropriate ‘treatment.’

How to deal with this very real threat.

The bottom line here is that it’s a VERY good idea to work with your doctor to use as few Big Pharma substances as possible. 

I’m NOT telling you to drop treatments without talking to your doc, but getting off them when you can is a very good idea (with your doctor’s blessing…)

To do this you may need to make some lifestyle adjustments. Yoga can help with pain and diet can help with…. everything. 

I know that some chemical substances are necessary for some people, but overall it’s not a good idea to over-treat…

And it is a good idea to get off as many of these treatments as possible (with your doctor’s blessing of course).

—-Important Message for Men Taking Big Pharma Treatments—-

Men: are you taking one of these 5 dangerous medications?

I’ve discovered 5 Big Pharma treatments for men that are actually making men SICKER…

It seems crazy, but not all treatments are safe, despite doctors giving them out.

And it’s not the doctor’s fault… it’s the companies who make these treatments.

Like Bayer and Johnson and Johnson, the makers of Xarelto…

They finally settled for close to $800 million for failing to warn men about deadly bleeding episodes caused by Xarelto: 

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And believe it or not, there are so many more Big Pharma companies doing the same thing…hiding dangerous side effects…

So do me a favor and check your bottles real quick…

These are the top 5 Big Pharma treatments to avoid (and I’ll give you a better, more natural alternative for each one).


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