FDP Weight Loss C

The Most Horrifying Weight Loss Device Ever Approved By the FDA

This device basically throws up for you. Some are even calling it “medically sanctioned bulimia”. That is not a joke.

Fasting Offers No Special Weight Loss Benefits AND It May Cause Hidden Harm

Fasting is a triple threat cocktail of health issues. Each one layers on the other and creates more and more havoc.

Lay Off the Booze! The REAL Connection Between Alcohol and Weight Gain

Estrogen compounds in alchohol have a pretty radically feminizing effect on men (and is why I don’t drink alcohol myself), but it’s also why men get beer bellies and man boobs from drinking too much beer in particular….

Gluten Free Foods Could Be Ruining Your Health – And It’s Not for the Reason You Think

I’ll bet you’ve already guessed my opinion on this. There is nothing wrong with gluten free foods that are naturally that way. It’s when you take a food with gluten and THEN try to make it gluten free that all the bad stuff happens.

Does fat in the diet lead to chronic inflammation and weight gain?

Chronic inflammation shows up in our bodies in all kinds of nasty ways. Heart inflammation, prostate inflammation, joint inflammation, asthma and more are a result of chronic inflammation…. Is fat the cause?