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The Sneaky Motivation for Staying Fit

Two new studies just came out in that have an eye-opening way of thinking about fitness that may change the way you do just about everything you do in regards to staying and keeping fit.

What’s a Good Workout for Men With High Blood Pressure?

When it comes to health indicators like high blood pressure, longevity, and heart disease there is a growing amount of evidence that working out in this special way gets amazing results.

Could High Intensity Interval Training Cause HUGE Problems with Your Gut Health?

CrossFit, Orange Theory Fitness, and all kinds of different apps on your phone – there is a trend right now towards something called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. But there’s a BIG, BIG caution here that you should know about, because new evidence is showing that this type of exercise can really do damage to your gut.

Can Exercise Get You More Sex Than a Dating App?

Modern technology is pretty amazing with all the dating sites and social apps, but it might be something else entirely that actually gets you more dates AND maybe even sex and creates a much better social life as well.

Are Man Boobs an Inevitable Byproduct of Aging?

Lots of guys get saggy and get that beer belly and sometimes even get man boobs – which really sucks. I mean really, even Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t looking quite as buff as he used to look. And if Mr. Universe can’t do it, than what hope does a common guy have?
As it turns out – more than you would think.