Every man should know this use for baking soda

Every man should know this baking soda use.

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Is baking soda really the best workout aid and the next cure for cancer?…

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Every man should know about this use of baking soda.

There are very few studies on baking soda and cancer, but there are many people who swear by it.

They say that baking soda has stopped their cancer or helped them reverse cancer.

But is it true?

In today’s newsletter, I want to tell you about some promising studies that have been done on the effects that baking soda has on cancer.

Baking soda is ultracheap (obviously) and not patentable.

So Big Pharma companies have no interest in baking soda.

This makes studying baking soda difficult. Studies that don’t involve the possibility of coming up with some new expensive chemical don’t attract funding.

Some chemotherapy treatments cost hundreds of thousand dollars per year, even without proof that they actually work.

So a huge chunk of funding is now going to “study” these treatments to show that they actually do something to act against cancer.

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Meanwhile, humble baking soda may be more effective than any of them.

So here is a baking soda study!

The intent was to show how baking soda helps make chemotherapy treatments more effective when they are given with baking soda rather than alone.

Do you get it? They could still sell chemotherapy treatments through this type of study, even though it also involves baking soda.

In this study, the researchers gave baking soda to mice who had metastatic breast cancer, either with or without other chemotherapy.

“Oral baking soda selectively increased the pH of tumors and reduced the formation of spontaneous metastases in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer.”

This means that baking soda given orally made the tumors less acidic.

An acidic environment seems to encourage the spread of cancer.

Making the environment less acidic seems to stop cancer from spreading as easily.

“Baking soda therapy also reduced the rate of lymph node involvement.”

Interestingly, baking soda therapy did not actually lower the number of circulating cancer cells.

When someone has cancer (and probably before a tumor is even detectable), cancer cells circulate in the blood and the lymphatic fluids.

Baking soda did not actually lower the number of the circulating cancer cells.

But it did limit the spread of cancer.

They tried injecting it into mice with different forms of cancer.

As opposed to oral administration, the injected baking soda had slightly different effects.

“Inhibiting the formation of metastases from prostate cancer cells, but not those of melanoma…”

Not a bad result though, right?

Baking soda can slow the spread of cancer (including prostate cancer). It can prevent metastasis. And it’s very cheap.

However, you do want to be careful about some things with baking soda.

One thing is that taking baking soda lowers your stomach acid because it neutralizes it.

It’s not clear if taking baking soda dissolved in, say, vinegar would have the same effect.

Vinegar neutralizes baking soda. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the baking soda is working through some other mechanism and would still work.

However, if you just take baking soda on its own, it could give you a stomach ache.

To re-emphasize: Baking soda has benefits, but be careful with it.

Baking soda will increase your body’s carbon monoxide levels, which may actually be the reason why it works against cancer.

But it is nothing to fool around with. Do your research and talk to your doctor.

Baking soda can lower your stomach acid, encouraging the spread of bacteria that do not belong in your stomach and small intestine.

Baking soda combined with calcium can be very serious – even life-threatening – creating a condition known as milk-alkali syndrome.

Never take baking soda when you’re taking calcium supplements or consuming lots of dairy products.

If your doctor says it is okay for you, consider trying one teaspoon each day.

It’s also great stuff for cleaning your teeth.

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Matt Cook is editor-in-chief of Daily Medical Discoveries. Matt has been a full time health researcher for 26 years. ABC News interviewed Matt on sexual health issues not long ago. Matt is widely quoted on over 1,000,000 websites. He has over 300,000 daily newsletter readers. Daily Medical Discoveries finds hidden, buried or ignored medical studies through the lens of 100 years of proven science. Matt heads up the editorial team of scientists and health researchers. Each discovery is based upon primary studies from peer reviewed science sources following the Daily Medical Discoveries 7 Step Process to ensure accuracy.
Bicarbonate Increases Tumor pH and Inhibits Spontaneous Metastases 


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1. How is metastatic prostate cancer cured? 
Some natural herbs that can aid in inhibiting metastatic prostate cancer include Cayenne pepper, Cruciferous vegetables, Curcumin, Ginger, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Omega-3, Resveratrol and Vitamin D.Capsaicin is a compound that is found in Cayenne pepper, that is known to inhibit the growth of Cancer cells by increasing Autophagy – which is the natural destructive process of cells to take apart dysfunctional aspects of it. A nice way to take it internally is through supplements. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts contain a specific photochemical known as DIM (3,3’-diindolylmethane which inhibits an enzyme that is involved in the Prostate cancer cell growth. Another compound called the indole-3-carbinol (I3C) protects the DNA from damage and prevents the growth of cancer cells in Prostate cancer patients. The common turmeric consists of the compound Curcumin which is known for its anticancer properties, especially for Prostate Cancer. Curcumin is found to induce cell death in cancerous cells. Usually taken through food, curcumin can also be taken in supplement form. The humble ginger is one another herb that inhibits the growth of cancer cells and engages the healing process. Ginger consists of the active compound 6-shogaol that causes cell suicide in cancer cells and inhibited the tumor growth.     According to research studies, Green tea consists of Polyphenols, known as Catechins that play an active role in preventing prostate cancer in men. Individuals who have had premalignant lesions have benefited from taking Green tea, since it provides protection from inflammation. The core component in Green Tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), helps to control cancer growth and has anti-inflammatory properties.Pomegranate is a lesser known fruit that is known to control the growth of cancer cells in a big way. The compounds in Pomegranate - ellagic acid, luteolin, and punicic acid play a crucial role in inhibiting tumor growth and one great way of taking it internally is through juicing. Intake of fatty fish oils that are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids is known as a big inhibitor of cancer growth. The usual approach to taking Omega-3 is through fish oil supplements.Vitamin D is also known to control cell damage in cancer patients and the best way to take it is through exposure to sunlight and supplementation. These natural ways provide a far more effective cure to healing Prostate cancer as compared to the Big Pharma drugs. 

2. Is chemotherapy for prostate cancer safe?
Prostate cancer is often known as a slow growing form of cancer, with Chemotherapy being the usual treatment modes that is pursued in these cases. But the side effects of Chemotherapy is a subject that Big Pharma tends to ignore.In patients suffering from Prostate cancer, Chemotherapy has been found to cause sexual dysfunction and erection problems. The best way is to monitor the spread of Prostate cancer and engage natural ways of curing it, than choosing chemotherapy. In most cases, exposure to chemotherapy, especially during the initial phase is productive but too much exposure may also hinder the natural immune ecosystem of the body. The tolerance for the side effects from chemotherapy varies with Individuals, so a better way is to engage natural models of healing like Omega-3, Resveratrol and Vitamin D, along with a diet that consists of specific vegetables and fruits that have Cancer inhibiting properties. Active surveillance, early treatment and choosing a natural approach to healing is considered the best approach in aiding prostate cancer healing.

3. How baking soda and lime can end erectile dysfunction? 
There are a number of reasons for erectile dysfunction in men, but stress, unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet are some of the most known reasons. Unknown to many, the humble baking soda has a number of health benefits. A pinch of it can do wonders to an acidic stomach and help balance the ph levels of the body. The inability to achieve an erection needed for sexual intercourse is medically termed Erectile Dysfunction. There can be numerous reasons for ED, some can include an underlying medical condition totally unrelated to a sexual disorder. Normally Erectile dysfunction happens with age, but modern lifestyle, dietary changes and the stresses of everyday life, has also been found to affect bodily functions and even affect the hormone levels in a normal body. But, Baking soda for Erectile Dysfunction? As surprising as that sounds, several studies have actually shown the positive effects of Baking soda and lime for erectile dysfunction. This is connected with Nitric Oxide ( NO ), a key player when it comes to erection problems. When sexually excited, the erection of the penis is controlled by Nitric Oxide which is secreted from the nerve endings close to the blood vessels of the Penis. The Adrenal and endocrine function of a body is also regulated by NO. Being a natural alkali, Baking soda taken orally is a simple way to boost NO levels in the body. Taken with a bit of lime, Baking soda can help increasing the alkaline and bicarbonate levels in the body which is needed for the production of Nitric Oxide in the body. Baking soda as a natural alkaline agent has been found to heal inflammation by balancing the acidic levels of the body. Many vouch by its proactive benefits for conditions like Prostatis, Cystitis and many other inflammatory conditions. Those who suffer from Prostatitis can also face a decrease in sexual activity and in many cases suffer from Erectile dysfunction. Since Inflammation is related to acidic activity, Baking soda is usually considered a good antidote in balancing the ph-acidic levels of the body and thus a good alternative for treating erectile dysfunction. Too much of Baking soda is something, you don’t want to try though. Beware of taking Baking soda for a too long period too. Always be moderate. Take simple steps. Check your ph levels. Start making simply dietary changes to boost your alkaline and bicarbonate levels in your organs, intestines and body. Eating a healthy diet rich in foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish are simple steps to maintain the alkalinity and bicarbonate levels in the body. Also, include more activity in your daily life, start taking long walks or even try jogging. A good vascular health helps boost blood flow and keep the artery/vein health of the genital organs well. Being overweight can cause ED problems. It would do good to Simplify life and calm Emotional distress early on, since that can alter the hormonal functioning in extreme cases. A good simple recipe can include Three to four teaspoons of freshly squeezed lime, along with half a teaspoon of aluminum free bicarbonate soda mixed in half a glass of water. Taken one or two times a day, this simple formula can help boost NO levels naturally and help improve erection problems over time.

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