Erection problems are from lack of oxygen

Erection problems are from lack of oxygen

I’ve been telling you for several years that carbon dioxide is probably the most important gas in your system besides oxygen.

If you don’t have enough carbon dioxide, your blood will not oxygenate properly.

And your tissues will suffer from lack of oxygen.

And there are many negative effects of a lack of oxygen.

There are many people who say that almost all chronic disease is the result of lack of oxygen.

This is definitely true of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in most men is a lack of carbon dioxide that leads to a lack of oxygen.

You need high carbon dioxide levels to have high oxygen levels.

And better carbon dioxide levels are key to raising testosterone levels in men.

However, there have been very few studies of carbon dioxide and its relationship to erections.

Here is one excellent study that shows the importance of carbon dioxide and having good erections.

In this study, researchers gave monkeys erections.

Then they measured the carbon dioxide levels in their penises both when they were having an erection and when they were not.

They found that in monkeys who had good erections, carbon dioxide levels in their penis went through the roof.

However, if the monkeys were given certain drugs that would inhibit this, their erections were weak or nonexistent.

And they did not have higher carbon dioxide levels in their penis.

Carbon dioxide has always been known to be critical to health and erections.

But when Viagra was discovered by accident, the drug companies shifted all their funding from carbon dioxide to nitric oxide.

All of the erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra work by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body.

And with these “working” drugs, Big Pharma could make money now rather than waiting for carbon dioxide research.

However, carbon dioxide and oxygen are much more important to good erections than nitric oxide.

And they’re less damaging than nitric oxide.

This study focuses on snorers and people with sleep apnea.

Researchers found that often men who had suffering sleep apnea had poor sexual function.

And the poor sexual function correlates with low oxygen levels and low carbon dioxide levels.

Their testosterone levels had nothing to do with their age.

But they had everything to do with how poorly they were oxygenating.

The higher oxygen levels meant higher testosterone levels.

Those who have low oxygen levels, and therefore low carbon dioxide levels, had low testosterone.

Serum T did not correlate with age, but was correlated with minimum nocturnal arterial oxygen saturation.

Some of these men had a serious form of surgery which increased carbon dioxide and oxygenation levels.

All seven of the men who reported decreased sexual interest prior to surgery felt their libido and sexual functioning had returned to normal 3 months following it.

I’m not advocating surgery for sleep apnea.

But I am pointing out that increasing oxygenation of tissues and carbon dioxide levels are critical.

And they’ll go a long way to fixing most men’s erectile dysfunction and libido problems.



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