Eating this way gives many men terrible erections problems

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Fortunately, this quick fix can bring erections back…

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This “sippy cup” activity kick starts the body into burning sugar again (makes erections come roaring back)

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Most men past the age of 40 have a fat-burning metabolism.

And while this might sound like a good thing, it’s actually very bad!

Because a fat-burning metabolism is a sign that the metabolism is getting older, colder, slower…

And that leads to diabetes, low testosterone, obesity, and yes — erections problems.

What men want is a sugar-burning metabolism.

Because men who burn sugar are healthier and get great boners, and they feel and act decades younger!

And luckily, I’ve made it really easy to kick start the body into burning sugar again.

It’s a super simple “sippy cup” activity — check it out here and prepare to be blown away by your erections again (in as little as 2 weeks!)


Eating this way gives men terrible erections problems

When guys are dealing with sexual dysfunction issues, it can be devastating. 

That’s partly because much of the advice that’s out there to deal with it is complete and utter rubbish. From little blue tablets that often make the problem WORSE over time, to terrible advice on diet and lifestyle… 

Many men are left trying solution after solution that gives them temporary results at best and sometimes make the issues they are experiencing WORSE.

This is personal to me, because I’ve dealt with erections problems myself and tried all kinds of things to “fix it,” before I stumbled on any real solutions.

If you don’t have strong erections now, getting them again usually involves several approaches that work together. 

One of those approaches is having the right diet in place for success. 

That means ditching eating habits that cause problems and embracing ones that heal your body.

One of the worst types of eating habits you can have is a high-fat diet (no matter what the Paleo gurus say).

High-fat diets drive inflammation in your body, which can wreak havoc with how your penis is supposed to work.

And if you have a high fat diet + take antibiotics — watch out.

Your risks just went WAY up.

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Inflammation in the gut causes problems elsewhere.

Doctors and the medical system in general like to view our bodies as a collection of parts.

If there is something wrong with a guy’s penis they give him a little blue tablet. 

If there is something wrong with the way the bowels work, it’s a different substance.

But our bodies don’t work like that.

Every part of our body is interconnected to every other part.

This sounds logical or a little woo-woo — depending on your perspective — but it happens to be true.

If you get inflammation in your gut, then it will suppress your immune system, cause problems with your bowels, and spread to other areas of your body… 

This includes potentially causing inflammation in your penis, testicles, and prostate, which can cause sexual dysfunction issues.

A high-fat diet causes gut inflammation.

One of the reasons I talk about diet so much in my courses is because it affects everything in our lives.

Eating a high-fat diet causes gut inflammation, which is terrible for you. And if you eat a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) the inflammation effects will be even worse.

In this study, they showed that a high-fat diet puts you at much higher risk for IBD (irritable bowel syndrome), which is a direct result of gut inflammation.

Participants with the highest fat consumption were about 2.8 times more likely to have pre-IBD than those with the lowest fat intake. 

If you combine a high-fat diet with antibiotics it gets WORSE.

Antibiotics are sometimes necessary. They save lives.

But they also wipe out your gut bacteria. And if you combine the wiping out of your gut microbiome with a high-fat diet, it’s a recipe for gut inflammation.

The researchers found that all participants who consumed high-fat diet and used antibiotics were at 8.6 times higher risk for having pre-IBD than those on a low-fat diet and no recent history of antibiotic use.

I can’t even tell you how important it is to your overall and sexual health to keep chronic internal inflammation in check. 

And that starts with your gut.

Eat way less fats, and I bet you’ll see your health improve.

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How to know if you have gut problems — do the red beet test

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Most men have guts that are way too fast or way too slow.

So I’ve come up with a quick way for a man to test out his gut health at home.

I call it the Red Beet Test, and all you need is some beets.

Eat them raw or cooked, however you prefer, and then wait to see them pass through your stool.

If it takes longer than 12 hours, your gut is too slow.

If it takes less than 12 hours, your gut is too fast.

And both mean you are suffering from a leaky gut, which is when poisons are spewing out of your gut and into the rest of your body.

But don’t worry — I’ve found a simple fix for both problems and it’s just as simple as the red beet test.

Try it here for free


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