Eating This Type of Berry Blocks Fat Cell Production

Eating This Type of Berry Blocks Fat Cell Production

Native Americans have been using this berry for centuries to protect the liver, pancreas, and heart. And now scientists from Korea are proving this fruit can also help men stay slim…

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Eating This Type of Berry Blocks Fat Cell Production

Obesity and type 2 diabetes are rapidly expanding global health problems.

Researchers are constantly looking for substances that can decrease body fat or improve blood sugar regulation.

Food supplements are of particular interest.

Unlike high-intensity exercise, they are suitable for almost everyone.

Recently, scientists discovered a berry with potent anti-obesity effects.

In fact, the fruit inhibited fat growth in cell experiments and lab animals.

Chokeberry Extract and Its Active Polyphenols Suppress Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes and Modulates Fat Accumulation and Insulin Resistance in Diet-Induced Obese Mice

These researchers carried out experiments at the Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology in Korea. They published the results were published in the journal Nutrients.

The berry they studied was the chokeberry.

It is a traditional medicine in North America.

“Black chokeberry is native to eastern North America and continues to be used by Native Americans as an herbal medicine for the treatment of colds.”

And people in Europe and Russia use it for other things.

“In Russia and Eastern Europe, chokeberry is traditionally used to treat hypertension and atherosclerosis.”

Preliminary research showed that chokeberry can protect the liver, pancreas, and heart.

“Scientific studies have shown the plant has hepatoprotective, anti-diabetic and hypolipidemic, and cardiovascular-protective effects.”

Primarily, the researchers wanted to identify anti-obesity compounds in the berry.

“This study was performed to identify the phenolics responsible for the anti-obesity effects of chokeberry.”

They did the first series of experiments on cells.

The researchers extracted a number of active components from the berry and then tested these active components on cells.

Obesity is a problem related to adipocyte growth – adipocytes are a type of fat cell.

Adipocytes get larger, more numerous, and more harmful in obesity.

Chokeberry extracts showed numerous anti-fat effects in the cell experiments.

“Two extracts inhibited adipocyte differentiation by suppressing the expressions of PPARγ, C/EBPα , SREBP1c, FAS, and aP2.”

You don’t need to know what those are specifically… All of these are markers associated with increased fat.

For example, FAS is a series of enzymes that controls the creation of fat in the body.

Chokeberry extract blocks FAS and fat creation.

Those cell experiment results should translate into less body fat in animals and humans.

Next, the researchers tested the effect of chokeberry extracts on mice.

They gave some groups of mice a high-fat diet that makes mice obese and diabetic.

And they gave the chokeberry extracts to some of the mice on the high-fat diet.

The animals given chokeberry extract gained much less body fat.

“Extract-treated high-fat-diet-induced obese mice showed significant decreases in body weight.”

The researchers tested two different doses of chokeberry extract.

Higher doses of chokeberry extract led to less weight gain.

The anti-obesity effects of chokeberry were so significant that the researchers believe it could be a viable treatment for obesity.

“This research shows that chokeberry extract is potentially beneficial for the suppression of high-fat-diet-induced obesity.”

The researchers ran some lab tests on the animals too.

Chokeberry extract lowered triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLC).

“Chokeberry extract treated mice showed significant decreases in serum triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels.”

More importantly, chokeberry extract improved insulin sensitivity.

“Chokeberry-extract-treated mice showed improved insulin sensitivity compared with control animals.”

Glucose tolerance was 57% better in the animals given the high dose.

So chokeberry may be very useful for insulin regulation.

“This observation suggests that chokeberry extract might reduce insulin resistance and improve insulin sensitivity.”

So there it is: These researchers may have found a natural treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

“Our results suggest that chokeberry may have positive health effects associated with the prevention and/or treatment of obesity.”

The combination of results from the cell studies and animal experiments indicate that these effects are likely to translate into humans.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing any health-related problems.

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