Eat this one food high in taurine to burn more fat

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You can eat virtually whatever you want and prevent weight gain, as long as you add this one food to your diet…

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Doctor says: Eat more burgers and ice cream??

What if you could eat burgers and ice-cream and drink beer and soda, and just waste the food energy and become thinner and thinner?

What if instead of storing the food as fat, you body burnt it up as body heat?

Well you’d probably tell me I’m crazy, and that it’s just too good to be true…

But this MAJOR university paper backs this up – men can burn fat as body heat and eat virtually anything they want.

Lipolysis means fat burning… And thermogenesis means burning up food energy as heat instead of packing it on as belly fat.

Here’s how to get your body to burn food as body heat, so you eat whatever you want and still replace belly fat with lean, hard muscles.


Eat This One Food High in Taurine to Burn More Fat

Animal protein is made up of a combination of amino acids.

And different proteins have different combinations of amino acids.

Taurine is one such amino acid. In recent years, researchers have found that taurine is essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

But very few foods are high in taurine.

Researchers conducted an experiment in which they fed mice diets containing different animal proteins.

The research shows that sea scallop, which is high in taurine, can prevent weight gain and improve blood lipids.

These researchers carried out animal experiments at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. The journal Amino Acids published the results.

Higher-protein diets have been shown to protect against obesity. (But there are health risks with very high-protein diets… Nothing is all good.)

The effect of different types of protein on obesity and metabolism is less well-understood.

“Little is known as to whether different protein sources consumed at normal levels may affect diet-induced obesity and associated co-morbidities.”

To learn more about this, researchers created an experiment using obesity-prone mice.

They assigned the mice to different groups.

But all of the mice were fed a diet high in fat and sugar – a combination that reliably causes obesity.

“We fed obesity-prone male mice high-fat, high-sucrose diets.”

And they fed the different groups of mice on different types of protein.

Mice were given either chicken, cod, crab, or sea scallop.

The taurine content of these proteins increases from chicken through to sea scallop.

“We fed mice with protein sources of increasing taurine content, i.e., chicken, cod, crab, and scallop.”

The dietary experiment ran for a total of six weeks.

The researchers collected a lot of information on metabolic changes over the course of the trial.

The mice who ate high-taurine proteins ate less calories overall.

“The energy intake was lower in crab and scallops fed mice than in chicken and cod fed mice.”

In the experiment, the food with the highest taurine content was sea scallop.

Only animals fed on sea scallop gained less body fat.

“Scallop-fed mice gained less body and fat mass.”

Fatty liver disease is a major problem associated with obesity and metabolic issues.

The animals who ate sea scallop as their protein had smaller livers.

Taurine seems to protect against inflammation and fat accumulation in the liver.

“Liver mass was reduced in scallop-fed mice, but otherwise no changes in lean body mass were observed between the groups.”

The researchers carried out a complete analysis of the amino acid contents of each of the four proteins.

A second analysis showed that the amino acid glycine also has protective effects against obesity.

“Dietary intake of taurine and glycine correlated negatively with body mass gain and total fat mass.”

All of the other amino acids were associated with weight gain and increased body fat.

“Intake of all other amino acids correlated positively with body mass gain and total fat mass.”

Glycine is a well-known anti-inflammatory amino acid.

Collagen and gelatin are very high in the amino acid glycine.

Both taurine and glycine were associated with better blood lipid profiles.

“Taurine and glycine intake correlated positively with lower levels of plasma lipids and higher HDL-to-total-cholesterol ratio.”

Scallop, or perhaps supplementary taurine and glycine amino acids, could help prevent obesity and regulate blood lipids.

“Scallop protein completely prevents high-fat, high-sucrose-induced obesity whilst maintaining lean body mass and improving plasma lipid profile.”

Pure glycine and pure taurine have both been extensively tested in human trials.

They are safe and beneficial for supplementation for most people.

Scallop, crab, gelatin, and collagen are good protein sources to add to a healthy, varied diet.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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