Drinking called “chemical castration” – here are the facts

If you drink alcohol, you may want to read this carefully.

Many studies show that alcohol causes feminization in men.

This is one such study that was done on rats.

It showed that when given alcohol, rats testicles shrunk, their testosterone levels plummeted, and then their liver stopped working well after that.

And this study showed similar findings, and there are many others:

Alcohol is very powerfully estrogenic. It causes very specific feminization, as the study said,

These findings indicate that alcohol administration is considered a chemical form of castration

How much alcohol does it take to feminize a man?

This study actually monitored hormone levels of men who were drinking “recreational” amounts of beer and wine:

Consumption of beer and wine significantly…inhibited dihydrotestosterone biosynthesis

This is why it’s hard to get hard after a lot of drinking.

DHT is the necessary hormone here, and it’s INHIBITED with drinking, even “just” beer or wine.


Estradiol levels were significantly elevated

This is why I don’t drink at this moment.

There really aren’t any advantages to it, and there are a lot of disadvantages to it.

Bottom line is, drinking alcohol is estrogenic.


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Recreational levels of beer and wine

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