Don’t Use This Blood Pressure Treatment – Just Don’t

Don’t Use This Blood Pressure Treatment - Just Don’t

This 12,000-patient study in Germany shows a striking finding – Big Pharma isn’t telling men this…

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Don’t Use This Blood Pressure Treatment – Just Don’t

I’ll admit, when it comes to the motivations of Big Pharma, I’m a huge skeptic.

When you do the kind of research that I do and sift through medical study after medical study… You can see how Big Pharma invents new diseases or lowers the bar on old ones in order to sell more meds.

Sometimes when people hear me say this about Big Pharma they think that I’m against all medication all the time.

That’s simply not true.

Pharmaceuticals can be lifesaving and can help you treat diseases that would’ve killed people a hundred years ago…

Big Pharma does produce some useful products.

But what I’m completely against is overmedicating.

Medicating for the sake of getting a “better result” that doesn’t extend life or increase quality of life…

That is just a bunch of bullpucky.

And, unfortunately, the guidelines released in 2017 by the American College of Cardiology for “Stage 1 Hypertension” look like they’re going to lead to a ton of overmedication.

Association of hypertension cut-off values with 10-year cardiovascular mortality and clinical consequences: a real-world perspective from the prospective MONICA/KORA study

Overmedication gone wild

Before I get into this, you need to know that I’m not a doctor. I can’t pretend to give you medical advice – and I wouldn’t even try.

If you have high blood pressure, then you need to work with your doctor on appropriate treatments.

However, what I can do is show you the research that says “Stage 1 Hypertension” doesn’t put people at risk for higher levels of cardiovascular incidences.

And that treating high blood pressure at this level can cause more harm than good.

These researchers did their study in Germany with 12,000 patients.

They took a look at how many people died from CVD (cardiovascular disease) in a 10-year timeframe.

 ”We studied the 10-year risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD) among people in the various hypertension categories in the context of the other risk factors affecting them…”

They found that “Stage I Hypertension” (130-139 mmHg / 80-89 mmHg) didn’t significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular events in comparison to people with “normal” blood pressure.

“In the newly created category ‘Stage 1 Hypertension,’ the CVD mortality risk was not significantly higher than among patients with normal blood pressure.”

But in the US, the American College of Cardiology is recommending that people with “Stage 1 Hypertension” get put on blood pressure treatments.

“Under the new standards, doctors are advised to place patients in this category (130-139 mmHg / 80-89 mmHg) on treatment.”

This kind of thing makes me crazy!

Treatments for high blood pressure have quite a few side effects – often including sexual side effects such as ED.

And they’ve been shown to increase depression (and if you’ve ever dealt with ED, then the depression correlation makes sense).

Depression was significantly more common in one subset of that group: those taking medication to treat their serious hypertension. Here, depressive moods were reported by around half of all patients, as opposed to just one-third of those not receiving treatment.”

What this new category does is increase the need for high blood pressure treatments from 32% to 46% of adults…

Even though the risk of a cardiovascular event in the “Stage 1 Hypertension” category doesn’t go up.

“That means 14% more people who have to deal with the additional mental stress – although their risk of developing a potentially deadly cardio-vascular condition is not significantly higher…”

So, while I’m not saying to just dump all your high blood pressure medication, I am telling you to make sure you do your research before you take any Big Pharma drug…

Read about what the actual benefits are.

In the case of men with “Stage 1 Hypertension” – the treatments may lower blood pressure, but they don’t prevent cardiovascular events.

And, to me, taking a treatment that can increase my risk of depression and increase my risk of erectile dysfunction – when it’s going to do nothing to extend my life – is not worth it.

What is worth doing is becoming an expert on your own health.

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