Don’t let them lower your DHT — you will be sorry (testosterone key)

The well-known drug finasteride interferes with the conversion from testosterone to DHT.

If you are balding, you’ve probably been told that you have too much DHT.

That’s why finasteride is one of the drugs that is prescribed for both prostate problems, and hair loss for men.

Finasteride is thought to work by cutting down on the amount of DHT that you have in your body.

When it comes to prostate information, DHT is supposedly the problem that causes inflammation.

And when it comes to hair loss, DHT is supposedly the problem that causes male pattern baldness.

Finasteride somewhat helps prostate and hair loss, but it is a very very dangerous drug.

This study shows why.

They wanted to find out the true role of DHT, so they cleverly designed an experiment to study erections in rats.

They couldn’t ethically do this in humans, so they had to use rats.

Basically, what they found was, that testosterone has nothing to do with erections.

What it has to do with, is creating DHT.

Testosterone may be a way of storing DHT.

Testosterone may not be as active as we thought it was.

It may be that testosterone sits around in our bloodstream, and converts to DHT.

DHT actually lets us get erections.

The rats with no DHT did not get erections.

They used finasteride to make sure these rats did not have DHT in their little rat bodies.

In other words, to inhibit the DHT, they gave the rats finasteride, and that kept the rats from getting hard.

Does that sound like something that you would want to take?, LOL.

I thought not.

So is DHT really responsible for prostate problems and male pattern baldness?

Not at all, this is a complete myth.

Nobody should be taking finasteride.

It should have been banned years ago.

It is extremely dangerous, and if you’re taking now, you should talk to your doctor seriously about dropping it.

Don’t do anything because I say so, make sure you talk to your doctor, and if he’s not cooperative, find another doctor.

Don’t listen to me!

With that said, what is responsible for male pattern baldness, and prostate information?

Here’s how they give rats prostate inflammation:

They simply give the rats estrogen. Or, even better, they feed them soy!

The truth is that male pattern baldness and prostate problems are usually caused by excess estrogen in the male body.

The estrogen goes along with a lot of other imbalances including often but not always, low testosterone and high prolactin.

Actually, high prolactin is almost always present with male pattern baldness and prostate problems.

But many men have high testosterone and poor performance in bed.

That’s because they are not producing enough DHT.

The testosterone is turning into estrogen instead of DHT.

What you want is more DHT, and less estrogen.

What you don’t want is something that keeps testosterone from being converted into DHT.

Nobody wants that!


DHT is the hormone resulting in erections, not testosterone

How rats get prostate disease in the lab

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