Don’t cook this way or you’ll regret it

Half the time when I used to buy nuts, I would open the bag, smell the nuts, and discover that they had gone rancid.

When I used to cook with vegetable oil before I knew better, I would smell the oil that had been sitting by the stove, and often it smelled rancid.

Thankfully, I’ve always been able to smell rancid oil, and been willing to throw it out. Or return it for a refund.

Of course these days, I never touch vegetable oil, and make sure that anything I order in a restaurant is never cooked with vegetable oil.

This is probably one of the most important things you can do for your health, and the study shows why.

Rancid oils cause horrible health problems

As one similar study notes, it has been implicated in:

Atherosclerosis, IBD, ROP, BPD, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, kidney damage, preeclampsia and others.

You wouldn’t consciously drink or eat rancid oils, but you do it all the time if you cook like most people.

For example, people have been told that salmon is good for them.

And steamed salmon is supposed to be better than fried salmon, right?

It turns out that steamed salmon actually contains a lot more rancid oil than fried salmon does.

The length of time that the steamed salmon cooks causes the fats in the salmon to oxidize, or go rancid.

Much more rancid than they do with a brief but high-temperature cooking during frying.

How careful are you when you cook eggs?

If you cook scrambled eggs, and you cook on a high temperature, you are making the oils in the eggs go rancid from your cooking process.

Rancid oil is oxygen plus oil plus heat.

If the oil and the oxygen are left together long enough, you don’t even need the heat.

But if you heat up eggs which have perfectly good oil in them, and you mix it up with air, or oxygen, and heat it up, it will oxidize the fat in the eggs, and produce a very unhealthy mixture.

Rancid fat enters your bloodstream.

This study shows that rancid fat, or oxidized white lipids as they call them, enters the bloodstream, where it assumes a toxic role and many chemical reactions.

Chylomicrons mentioned in the study title are like beads of fat that move through your body.

If these beads of fat contain rancid oils, then they cause more cancer.

More hardening of the arteries.

More inflammation all over the body.

And yet most of us, still eating the normal way in restaurants, and in our own home, are eating rancid fat every day, with every meal.

The only safe fat?

The safest is fully saturated fats.

Especially from cows or sheep.

And that includes fat from grass-fed butter, and one of the best fats of all, coconut oil.

If you’re going to cook with oil, use one of these.

Fully saturated fat especially coconut oil or grass-fed butter is by far the healthiest fat.

And one of the best reasons is that it does not easily oxidize.

It is not easy for it to go rancid.

You can keep clarified butter or ghee out on the counter, or keep coconut oil on the counter, and it can stay there and never go rancid.

It’s not going to go rancid in your body either.