Does Semen Quality Predict A Man’s Life Expectancy?

Does Semen Quality Predict A Man’s Life Expectancy?

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This study happened in Denmark, where they dubbed it the “Copenhagen Sperm Analysis Laboratory.”

Cute, huh?  Now, just wait.

Anyway, from 1963 to 2001, the study included 43,277 Danish men.

And researchers followed these men right up until December 31, 2001.

They removed some men over time, others withdrew, and still others died.

But overall, the researchers followed them all until the end.

Now, here’s where it starts to get interesting.

The researchers monitored each man’s semen quality.

And at the end of the study, they compared total mortality and cause-specific mortality rate against aged standardized semen quality scales.

So, what that means is that the researchers wanted to know if there were any patterns in semen quality versus different causes of death.

Among these men, researchers found that the men with higher sperm concentrations lived longer and healthier lives.

But men with lower sperm counts had the opposite results.

They looked at sperm concentrations and semen volume per ejaculate in the samples the men provided.
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And as these numbers increased, life expectancy increased proportionately.

Now, they excluded anyone who had NO sperm at all in their ejaculate.

So we don’t know how those men compared.

But many of the life-threatening diseases seemed to skip men with high sperm concentrations.

And fatherhood didn’t impact the numbers at all.

Plus, none of the factors observed by the researchers showed a connection to lifestyle or social factors.

So — it boiled down purely to sperm count levels.

The primary attribute that these men had in common was a higher sperm concentration and higher semen volume.

The authors concluded that semen quality might be an important indicator of overall male health.

Yet another reason you want to keep an eye on semen health.




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Good Semen Quality and Life Expectancy: A Cohort Study of 43,277 Men 

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