Does eating meat make you live longer?

Or is going vegan the key to longevity…?

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—-Important Message About Eating Meat—-

Why former vegan Bear Grylls HATES vegetables now and ONLY eats meat

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The famous survival man Bear Grylls used to be a proud vegan…

But now he ONLY eats meat.

He won’t eat grains, he won’t eat wheat, and he won’t eat vegetables.


He says vegetables “are really not good for you” and that they destroyed his kidney health.

But here’s the thing…

Bear Grylls is just another celebrity jumping from one fad diet after another…

The truth is — ALL of these so-called “gurus” are wrong.

I’ve studied men living past 100 with excellent health and vitality…

…men who smoke, drink, and have sex almost every day…

And the one thing these men all had in common was 1 single food they were all eating…

And it wasn’t vegetables. And it wasn’t meat…

Here’s the 1 food


Does eating meat make you live longer?

There is a big push against meat consumption these days – there is a lot of money behind it – I am sure you have noticed….

Some people want you to eat bug-burgers and lab grown pseudo-meat.

They claim this is good for the environment and good for your health.

I leave the environmental claims for others to deal with…

But the idea that consumption of moderate amounts of unprocessed meat is bad for your health is on pretty shaky ground.

For example, recent research using UN data shows that the consumption of meat is associated with increased longevity.

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The human research was done at the University of Adelaide in Australia. The paper was published in the International Journal of General Medicine.

There has been a lot of promotion of veganism over the last few decades. It has been all over the mass media…

But behind the scenes there are some real problems with the science used to promote these diets.

The anti-meat “science” has time and again been found guilty of cherry picking data to suit their preconceived ideas.

“The association between a plant-based diet and extended life span is increasingly criticized since it may be based on the lack of representative data and insufficient removal of confounders such as lifestyles.”

The authors of this study decided to carry out a simple but powerful analysis looking at the relationship between meat consumption and life expectancy.

“We examined the association between meat intake and life expectancy at a population level based on ecological data published by the United Nations agencies.”

The authors used data collected by the UN from countries all over the world.

“Population-specific data were obtained from 175 countries/territories.”

They looked at the relationship between life expectancy and meat consumption.

They also looked at the relationship between life expectancy and the consumption of carbohydrate crops – the main source of calories worldwide.

“Scatter plots, bivariate, partial and linear regression models were used to compare the correlations between newborn life expectancy, life expectancy at 5 years of life and intakes of meat, and carbohydrate crops.”

The researchers also took into account the other major factors which are known to affect life expectancy.

“Established risk factors to life expectancy – caloric intake, urbanization, obesity and education levels – were included as the potential confounders.”

The results of this study are disappointing for the vegan and bug-burger brigades.

Eating meat was associated with a longer life.

“Worldwide, bivariate correlation analyses revealed that meat intake is positively correlated with life expectancies.”

Even when taking into account possible confounding factors, worldwide consumption of meat was associated with greater longevity.

“This relationship remained significant when influences of caloric intake, urbanization, obesity, education and carbohydrate crops were statistically controlled.”

Before bug-burgers and lab-meat were being pushed it was carbohydrate crops like wheat which people were nudged toward consuming.

But none of the analysis showed that these carbohydrate crops increased longevity.

“Stepwise linear regression selected meat intake, not carbohydrate crops, as one of the significant predictors of life expectancy.”

Increased consumption of starchy carbohydrate crops was associated with a shorter life expectancy.

“In contrast, carbohydrate crops showed weak and negative correlation with life expectancy.”

There are many reasons why moderate consumption of non-processed meat should be expected to be good for human health.

This study showed that worldwide meat consumption is associated with increased longevity.

“Conclusion: If meat intake is not incorporated into nutrition science for predicting human life expectancy, results could prove inaccurate.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Total Meat Intake is Associated with Life Expectancy: A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis of 175 Contemporary Populations