Does boron raise testosterone in men?

Does boron raise testosterone in men?

There are lots of nutritional ideas or fads.

The problem with fads is that nobody knows where they come from,  why we do it, and if we should stop.

Boron is currently a big fad.

It’s so popular that you see boron in a lot of “men’s supplements.”

They’re trying to capitalize on the boron health benefits they think exist.

They think that it increases key hormones, but does boron increase testosterone?

It may be one of the benefits of boron, but it’s not a big one.

So you should read today’s newsletter carefully if you are taking any supplement that includes boron.

The body does need SOME boron, but we generally get enough from the plants that we eat.

Many people make the argument that plants today grow and depleted soil — therefore we should take boron supplements.

That may or may need be a good idea.

But if you want to take more boron, the easiest and cheapest way is to go to the supermarket and buy Borax.

Plain Borax has nothing in it other than a mined mineral form of boron that is quite usable in the body.

Plus, it’s very inexpensive.

But don’t take too much of it!

In fact, you may not want to take any of it after reading the rest of this newsletter.

In this study, they gave some boron, reasonable levels, to 18 healthy men.

Then the researchers measured their urine for boron so they can see how much these men were excreting.

And they studied their blood to see what boron was doing.

Blood estrogen levels went up about 50%:

Plasma estradiol concentrations increased significantly as a result of supplementation.

That’s quite a big increase in estrogen, which you really don’t want.

Testosterone went up a little bit as well, but not all that much.

There’s a lot more bad news about boron.

It’s estrogenic.

That’s bad enough.

But it also seems to interfere with some important metabolic pathways.

This one is not really a study — it’s more of a hypothesis.

And it wasn’t done at a university either.

But I think it makes sense.

The presence of boron seems to inhibit the body from breaking down vitamin D.

This isn’t a great thing since most people are vitamin D deficient already.

And it may be due to a general function of boron:

Nutritional boron can inhibit a range of microsomal enzymes which insert hydroxyl groups vicinal to existing hydroxyls in steroids.

If this is so, then excess boron can cause a wide variety of negative metabolic effects.

Now, I have observed that often people who are taking boron benefit from less arthritis pain.

But I’m starting to think that boron may work just like fish oil works.

It reduces the pain by suppressing some general immune functions.

Since a suppressed immune function increases inflammation and risk of other illnesses, it’s a bad idea.

That’s why I personally don’t take boron and no longer recommend it.



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The effect of boron supplementation on its urinary excretion and selected cardiovascular risk factors in healthy male subjects 

Up-regulatory impact of boron on vitamin D function -- does it reflect inhibition of 24-hydroxylase? 

1. Does boron raise testosterone? 
Boron is a less known trace mineral supplement which plays a big role in raising testosterone levels. Not only does it help decrease estrogens levels naturally but also plays an important role in preserving neuronal functions. The most available form of Boron for the body is in the form of “Boron Citrate”, the normal dosage for the human body being 3 – 10mg per day. At this dosage Boron helps in raising testosterone levels, though usually, they have to be taken in a supplement form. Some naturally available foods like Avocados can pack Boron into the body, but one can also follow the generous consumption of organic vegetables and fruits like Apricots, currants, grapes, Almonds, Raisins, Hazelnuts and Red kidney beans. Most of these foods have sufficiently available natural Boron traces necessary for the body. The usual form of boron that is freely available in fruits or vegetables is in the form of Boric acid. Boron also affects the metabolism of steroid hormones and nutrients like calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D and is important for many body processes. Consumption of boron has been found to increase testosterone and lead to increased strength and lean body mass. Secondly, Boron is found to decrease the sex hormone binding globulin, which leads to the natural increase of testosterone. Additionally, Boron has been found to help improve and maintain bone health. It has been found very beneficial on patients suffering from osteoporosis and helps to improve bone health for individuals suffering from bone problems. It helps to improve the intake of Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium, thus strengthening the bones. 

2. What are the benefits of boron for men? 
Boron is a very integral element which is important for the health of men. Though not fairly known, Boron plays a very important role not only in boosting the testosterone levels of the body but also helps to maintain a vibrant bone health. It helps add to the bone density and prevents conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis and helps in boosting the strength and muscle mass among men. That is one reason, why Boron is taken as a supplement by bodybuilders and athletes to boost performance and to improve recovery time.Boron has been found beneficial for men who do fitness training or bodybuilding, as it helps in recovering from body aches and pain, in building body mass faster and keeping the bones strong and supple. Boron is also very beneficial in helping boost concentration and prevent conditions that are related to weak muscles and inflammation due to pain. Boron has also been found very productive in preventing certain health conditions like eye infections, candida infections and helps to control parasites of the stomach. These benefits, makes boron very important. The best way to get boron is through foods like beans, nuts and whole grains with a generous addition of fruits like berries, plums, oranges and grapes. One biggest property of boron is that it helps to balance the ph levels in the body and assists in the production of necessary digestive enzymes that, helps in the absorption of minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.Boron is also found in a variety of whole real food sources like coffee, milk, beans, potatoes and beans. The intake of boron in one's diet has been shown to boost the brain's cognitive ability and helps to improve learning skills. Even called a brain nutrient, research has shown that boron intake improves attention, perception and improves short & long term memory among people. Boron also plays an important role in managing the integration of calcium in bones and helps in using the vitamin D better in addition to improving the immunity of the body. It also increases bone density. A lack of boron in men’s bodies can cause health conditions like hyperthyroidism, Hormone imbalance and neural malfunction in adults.Boron has also been found beneficial in the maintenance of the hormone receptors in cell membranes which keep the cells functioning in optimal condition. In many a case, Boron has been found to boost the blood flow in veins and prevent blood clogging thus enabling a healthy cardiovascular system. Boron also plays a key role in preventing the formation of plasma lipid in the blood vessels and keeps them free from bad cholesterol.  

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