Does aspirin improve blood sugar?

aspirin fixes type 2 diabetesIt’s quite possible that aspirin helps lower blood sugar. In fact, when aspirin was first discovered, it was a miracle drug. And in many ways, it still is.

Researchers have known for over 100 years that aspirin virtually eliminates symptoms of diabetes

But you do need fairly high doses of aspirin. In this study, they gave people the equivalent of 15 or 20 aspirin tablets each day.

That’s a lot of aspirin. But there are many people taking similar quantities of aspirin for years on end, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

After a while, the researchers notice that blood sugars were much lower, triglycerides were much lower, and all the markers of inflammation were much improved in the diabetics taking aspirin.

What’s interesting about this study, is that it’s taken as proof that it diabetes is caused by inflammation.

Is diabetes really caused by inflammation?

Inflammation is thought to cause many diseases today, including prostate problems, PCOS in women, heart problems, atherosclerosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, and stroke.

All these diseases are thought to originate from chronic internal inflammation.

And now you can add diabetes to the list.

These researchers believe that diabetes is caused by inflammation. And when you get the inflammation to come down, even temporarily by taking aspirin, the diabetes temporarily goes away.

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