Doctors who treat prostate problems are angry with me now

smart medical health care concept, surgery robotic machine use allows doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than is possible

They hate me for saying this…

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Doctors who treat prostate problems are very angry with me now…

There’s a health crisis sweeping America…

Prostate treatment for men is a $2.7 billion dollar industry.

Many doctors are spending $1 million on a robotic machine that dices and slices a man’s prostate.

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That machine has to get a lot of use in order to keep up the payments.

And sadly, cheaper and much better solutions are never talked about, never offered.

Solutions that can prevent the NEED for these expensive and debilitating prostate treatments.

Solutions like this Ancient Eastern Formula that reverses prostate enlargement in as little as 30 days…


NMN – should you use it?

NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide.

It is a structural unit of RNA.

Several studies have shown that administering equal doses of NMN and niacinamide (vitamin B3)…

…have the same effect on raising NAD+ levels – which determine the speed of the body’s aging process.

They have been shown metabolically to be equivalent to each other.

Which means NMN can help you age more slowly!

Also, NMN breaks down into vitamin B3 in the GI tract when taken orally.

So, it’s safe to say that these two would exhibit similar benefits in the body.

I have written about vitamin B3 quite a few times before.

It has been praised in the community plenty of times for its therapeutic properties.

Those properties include, UV protection, insulin sensitivity improvements, anti-fungal abilities, and many more…

It’s also very safe to use.

A recent study showed another benefit of this wonderful substance.

But before we dive into that…

…allow me to explain what high blood triglyceride levels mean.

Hypertriglyceridemia is a condition in which you have too many triglycerides (lipids) in your blood.

About 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. have elevated triglyceride levels (above 150 mg/dL).

High triglycerides in your blood can cause a few problems.

It might contribute to stiffening of your arteries…

Which could lead to heart diseases like stroke or heart attack.

Although it is mainly associated with heart diseases, it might be a sign of your liver not working properly as well…

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This peer-reviewed study was done at Tokyo Tsukishima Clinic in Japan.

However, this study showed that this OTC vitamin significantly reduces blood triglyceride levels.

To conduct the study, they chose 5 healthy males and 5 healthy females aged from 20 to 70 in Japan.

“We conducted an open-label, single-arm exploratory study on 10 healthy individuals”

Then they were given 300mg of vitamin B3 intravenously.

It increased NAD which is a coenzyme central to metabolism.

You can think of it as a battery of all your living cells.

“Our study showed that a single intravenous dose of 300 mg of NMN enhanced NAD+ activity in blood cells”

Moreover, the researchers found that it significantly reduces the triglycerides levels in the subjects’ blood.

Which they did not expect…

“Unexpectedly, TG levels were significantly reduced after the intravenous administration of NMN without affecting low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels in the blood”

In the study, it’s also stressed that it is a very safe substance.

“NMN administration is safe and beneficial in humans. Furthermore, NMN administration significantly increased blood NAD+ levels without damaging blood cells and significantly reduced blood triglyceride (TG) levels.”

The conclusion of this study is that NMN, a nucleotide produced in our bodies…

…can increase NAD levels AND decrease triglyceride levels.

Previous studies have also shown that taking it orally can increase muscle function in older men as well.

The studies on NMN are new but promising.

But remember, vitamin B3 is very accessible and metabolically equivalent.

Until NMN becomes more accessible, you can always try some vitamin B3.

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Scientists find way to make human cells young again and now I’ve made it better

Researchers at the University of Exeter and University of Brighton have discovered it’s possible to rejuvenate the cells through something called gene splicing:

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So instead of the cells dying off, they can be regrown with splicing.

But splicing is complicated…and expensive…

So I’ve taken this gene splicing idea and made it even better, specifically for men…

I’ve found it’s possible to rejuvenate the cells using the same science — but without complicated laboratory experiments…

So through the right combination of simple supplements, men can rejuvenate their cells all over the body…

Like down in testicles, where the Leydig cells can produce more testosterone…

And in the pancreas, where more healthy beta cells can boost the metabolism…

Even down in the male member, where younger cells equal better rockiness…

Here’s how I’m making my cells young again at home using these safe supplements


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