Doctors are going to hate me for saying this

smart medical health care concept, surgery robotic machine use allows doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than is possible

…but it’s not my fault they’re making this million dollar mistake…

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—-Important Message from Dr. Ari Magill MD—-

Doctors who treat prostate problems are very angry with me now

Hey, Dr. Magill here, and I’m not like most doctors…

In fact, I believe there’s a health crisis sweeping America…

Prostate treatment for men is a $2.7 billion dollar industry.

Many doctors are spending $1 million on a robotic machine that dices and slices a man’s prostate.

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That machine has to get a lot of use in order to keep up the payments.

And sadly, cheaper and much better solutions are never talked about, never offered.

Solutions that can prevent the NEED for these expensive and debilitating prostate treatments.

Solutions like this Prostate Brush technique that may help men sleep through the night and pee like a racehorse again…


Doctors are going to hate me for saying this

Hey, Matt Cook here, and diabetes is often thought of as a blood sugar disease, and that’s how it’s usually treated.

So if you’re diagnosed with diabetes, you are likely to be given treatments that will help to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

The problem I’ve found with this approach after studying diabetes and blood sugar problems for close to 20 years…

…is that it doesn’t do anything at all to correct the metabolic disruption that is associated with diabetes…

…or to fix the damage that the inflammation from the disease causes.

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Before I go on, I want to make sure you know that if you have diabetes and are on treatments to treat it…

…you should not go off your treatments without consulting with your doctor. I’m not telling anyone to go off of any treatments.

What I am doing is showing you that diabetes is not what doctors usually say it is.

It isn’t just a problem with insulin, your pancreas, or your blood sugar regulation.

In a study from Uppsala University, they showed that people who have type 2 diabetes have severely disturbed body metabolisms.

Using state of the art techniques, researchers from Uppsala University have shown that the metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes was much more disturbed than previously known, and that it varied between organs and severity of the disease.

The researchers looked at the body systems that insulin acts on – the liver, skeletal muscle, and blood.

What they found was that in people with type 2 diabetes there was much more inflammation and metabolic abnormalities…

…as compared to people without type 2 diabetes.

“We detected many protein levels that were either higher or lower than normal in tissues from people at different stages of disease. People with prediabetes displayed major alterations that are associated with inflammation, coagulation and the immune system in the pancreatic islets. In fully developed type 2 diabetes there were more widespread abnormalities, for example in lipid and glucose metabolism and in energy production in the liver, muscle and fat,” says Professor Claes Wadelius, who coordinated the study.

For years, I’ve been talking about how diabetes is a metabolic disorder with systemic consequences.

If you treat the metabolic disorder instead of just the symptoms, then it’s possible to have a lot more success treating the disease.

Finally, we’re starting to see some data that confirms this idea!

The researchers say that this set of data can point to new “causal mechanisms” for type 2 diabetes.

That means that the researchers are getting closer to figuring out why type 2 diabetes happens in the first place.

The data points to new potentially causal mechanisms of the disease, which can be further investigated in the search for new ways of preventing or treating type 2 diabetes.

I like the direction this research is going.

But it seems like what they are trying to do is identify more people who might get diabetes in the future…

…so that they can get them on diabetes treatments.

“Our results may also support the development of simple tests that can identify people at high risk of diabetes and its complications, and also guide which type of intervention is best for the individual,” says clinical diabetologist Jan Eriksson.

That’s not surprising since this study is funded by Big Pharma giant, AstraZeneca.

But a better approach is to treat the underlying symptoms of diabetes so that you can regain a healthy metabolism.

Because why should you have to treat a disease for years, when you can instead treat the underlying condition?

—-Important Message—-

I’ve found a way to reverse diabetes symptoms and restore erections in men…

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Will I say that my breakthrough is a cure for diabetes?

Not at all.

I don’t know if there’s a cure for diabetes, but I do see that most men can reverse the symptoms and pretty much get off of Metformin and all the other crap they are given and be fine.

Plus, the sex life of the man will come roaring back — a huge advantage of my approach!

And unlike low-carb dieting and other terrible approaches, this actually works and you will get measurable results often within a few weeks.

Here’s my blood sugar protocol for men with diabetes, prediabetes, or any man who wants to avoid blood sugar problems


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