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Why I don’t recommend growth hormone (HGH)

There is quite a buzz about growth hormone in celebrity circles at the moment.

People find that it can increase muscle mass and strength while accelerating fat loss…

…improve sleep and mental performance, initiate bone healing, and even accelerate collagen production.

There may be some truth to many of these claims – at least in the short-term…

And it can make people in middle age look a little younger and stronger.

But when you take a look past the initial effects of growth hormone there is a very dark picture…

Growth hormone actually accelerates aging – and it may be one reason behind the weird look you see from aging celebrities.

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The animal experiments were performed at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The paper was published in Neuroendocrinology.

These researchers are interested in the effects of growth hormone and have carried out numerous experiments using mice which produce different levels of it.

Early experiments showed that high-growth hormone genetically modified mice do not live very long at all.

Overexpression of growth hormone in transgenic mice results in numerous phenotypic effects, including a drastically shortened life span.”

Under the hood, the researchers found severe damage to the kidneys in animals with high levels of growth hormone.

“Early onset of pathological changes in the kidneys, glomerulosclerosis and glomerulonephritis, undoubtedly contributes to and perhaps accounts for reduced longevity of these animals.”

Glomerulosclerosis is stiffening of the glomeruli in the kidney.

It is a scarring of the functional blood vessels in the kidneys – the structures that filter urea from the blood.

Glomerulonephritis is kidney disease.

The researchers also found major problems in the brains of animals with high levels of growth hormone.

“However, growth hormone-transgenic mice exhibit various symptoms of accelerated aging, including increased astrogliosis.”

Astrogliosis is an increase in the number of astrocytes due to the destruction of nearby neurons.

It happens during stroke, infection and autoimmune diseases.

Astrogliosis is indicative of brain neurodegeneration and accelerated brain aging.

High growth hormone animals also have shortened reproductive capacity – becoming infertile at an earlier age.

Experiments also show that age-related decreases in brain function are triggered by elevated levels of growth hormone.

“Growth hormone-transgenic mice exhibit shortened reproductive life span, and early onset of age-related changes in cognitive function.”

Growth hormone triggers increase metabolism of stress hormones in critical regions of the brain.

This may be 1 reason why it seems to cause accelerated brain aging.

“Neurotransmitter turnover, and plasma corticosterone level changes associated with aging are accelerated in growth hormone-transgenic mice.”

The authors also point to evidence showing that animals with low growth hormone or who are resistant to the effects of growth hormone live longer.

All of the evidence suggests that the long-term effects of growth hormone will be very detrimental for longevity and healthy aging.

“The idea that high levels of growth hormone can accelerate aging derives support from growth hormone-deficient and growth hormone -resistant mutant mice in which aging is delayed and the life-span is increased and from the reciprocal relationship of body size and longevity within species.”

There are many bloggers and even some doctors recommending “natural” ways to increase growth hormone…

Because people believe that it will improve health and vitality.

This includes fasting and extreme exercise regimes – these may well increase your growth hormone…

…but this will also certainly accelerate your aging processes and shorten your life.

The short term benefits of increased growth hormone can be very enticing…

But the best research shows that this is a very harmful substance when used in excess.

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How are they doing it? They’re performing like they’re 20 years old…

Look at Roger Waters from Pink Floyd performing on stage at 78 years old:

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And Steven Tyler from Aerosmith — one of the most energetic and prolific performers, even at 74 years old:

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And Roger Daltrey from the Who, rocking out at almost 80 years old:

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So many of these rockstar men are living really healthy lives… for decades longer than other men…

…even after years of drugs and alcohol…

And I want to know why, so I did some digging…

And I stumbled onto this natural anti-aging supplement that celebrities and powerful politicians have been taking in secret.

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Can growth hormone (GH) accelerate aging? Evidence from GH-transgenic mice