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Ingesting this 1 amino acid protects against tooth decay

There is a simplistic idea that eating too much sugar increases acid in the mouth and this leads to dental caries.

If only it were that simple. Tooth health is far more complex than this.

Things which affect mouth bacteria play a huge role in the risk of dental caries.

A number of studies have shown that changing oral bacteria can cause or prevent dental caries.

Not to be confused with dental cavities — dental caries are lesions that occur from built up plaque and tooth decay.

Nutrients like vitamin D and calcium also have profound effects on the teeth.

You may be surprised to know that an amino acid called glycine also affects the risk of dental caries.

Researchers found that supplementing this substance, found in gelatin and collagen, can reduce dental caries by two-thirds.

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The animal experiments were performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The paper was published in the Journal of Dental Research.

The authors of this study were investigating the role of different substances on dental caries.

Tryptophan is an amino acid found in many proteins.

“It is known from an earlier study that the dietary supplementation of tryptophan increases the level of salivary tryptophan and the incidence of caries.”

Glycine is another amino acid – though it is not as common as tryptophan…

Glycine is really only found in significant amounts in collagen, gelatin and a small number of other proteins like sea scallop.

But glycine makes up a large percentage of the protein scaffolding of the tooth (collagen).

“Dietary glycine may be an important factor in this respect primarily because it is a major (20%) component of tooth collagen.”

And so the authors decided to see what effect supplemental glycine could have on tooth health.

Aside from the fact that glycine is found in large amounts in the tooth itself…

It also has the ability to affect how well the tooth absorbs calcium.

“Glycine is a major component of tooth collagen; it has a significant chelating property; it has a strong buffering action; and it has an unusual ability to solubilize poorly soluble calcium salts.”

Some rats were fed on a diet with 0.4% glycine while others were given 4% glycine – 10 times as much.

The rats were otherwise fed on an identical diet known to cause dental caries.

“Glycine was added to a cariogenic diet at a 4% level. This supplemented diet and the unsupplemented diet were fed to two groups of rats for 92 days beginning when they were 8 days old.”

The rats which were given supplemental glycine had a significant reduction in caries.

Glycine supplementation reduced dental caries by about two-thirds.

“The glycine supplementation caused a 66% reduction in caries development and a 15.1% reduction in lipid content.”

It’s not entirely clear what is going on…

But the researchers did not detect any increase in the major minerals in the tooth – phosphorus and calcium – in animals given extra glycine.

“In a concurrent balance study, it was noted that the dietary glycine did not have any significant effect on the retention of either calcium or phosphorus by the rat’s body.”

Glycine did seem to affect the type and amounts of fats which were incorporated into the tooth.

Glycine also seems to improve the growth rate of teeth.

“Changes in the fatty acid composition of the tooth and a reduction in growth rate were noted, however.”

Glycine is a major component of the anti-inflammatory proteins collagen and gelatin.

Most people are deficient in these proteins these days.

Glycine also plays a structural role in the most common protein in the human body – collagen.

Collagen plays a role in almost every part of the body – including, surprisingly, the teeth.

Improved dental health is just 1 of many reasons why people should consider consuming more gelatin and collagen – the best sources of glycine.

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Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Glycine on Caries Development and Lipids in Rat Molars