Do this to your wife or girlfriend once and prepare for waterworks

Copy this simple technique to get her moaning in pleasure

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—-Important Message From Aaron Wilcoxx—-

Do this to your wife or girlfriend once and prepare for waterworks

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Hey, I’m Aaron, and for a long time, people didn’t even think it was possible to make a woman squirt.

But rest assured: the so-called “squirting orgasm” is very much real.

And it’s not just reserved for that “one in a thousand” woman.

And it’s possible for YOUR partner to experience them over and over again, even if she’s never squirted before.

All you need is the correct technique — just do this 1 thing to trigger intense pleasure in your woman

When she’s squirting, you know that you’re doing it right!


Beware this 1 toxic chemical they are spraying on many supermarket foods

Most of us don’t think much about our internal organs unless they are giving us problems.

It’s understandable because they are out of sight and out of mind.

Having healthy organs is one of the keys to living a long and healthy life.

Your heart, lungs, and brain are obviously important because to live you have to breathe and have blood pumping through your body.

But your other organs are also important.

If you have liver or kidney failure you aren’t going to live long without serious medical intervention…

And even then it may be touch and go for a while.

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Which is why taking care of your organs is so important.

In research coming out of the University of Queensland in Australia…

They found a strong link between chronic kidney disease and a pesticide called Malathion or Maldison.

Malathion is an insecticide in the chemical family known as organophosphates. Products containing malathion are used outdoors to control a wide variety of insects in agricultural settings and around people’s homes. Malathion has also been used in public health mosquito control and fruit fly eradication programs. Malathion may also be found in some special shampoos for treating lice. Malathion was first registered for use in the United States in 1956.

This is a pesticide that’s used primarily to control mosquitos and other bugs on food crops.

It’s also used in some shampoos for lice.

Higher exposure to this chemical increases the chance of kidney problems by 25%!

School of Public Health Associate Professor, Nicholas Osborne said the study found people exposed to higher amounts of the insecticide Malathion, known as Maldison in Australia, had 25 per cent higher risk of kidney dysfunction.

That’s a pretty big increase in the likelihood of having kidney issues…

And I can’t imagine that Big Agriculture is going to be thrilled with this news.

They like to pretend that everything they do is perfectly safe, even when there is a lot of evidence saying that it’s not.

I’ve seen it over and over again.

Chronic kidney disease is a common problem with 1 out of 10 people in high income countries showing signs of this disease!

“Nearly one in 10 people in high income countries show signs of CKD, which is permanent kidney damage and loss of renal function,” Dr Osborne said.

Because pesticides are poisonous to bugs…

It doesn’t surprise me that at least some of them are going to have some very negative health outcomes in humans.

Our body structures are different, but not THAT much different.

The researchers in this study think that we should limit our exposure to pesticides as much as possible.

“The findings suggest we should limit our exposure to pesticides, even in very small doses, as chronic exposure may lead to negative health outcomes,” Dr. Osborne said.

I agree.

It’s not a good idea to load man made chemicals into your body in the form of pesticides or food additives or many Big Pharma products.

Personally, I try to live as “clean” as I can…

And keep what I eat to things that are highly nutritious and give me the best chance of staying healthy.

That doesn’t mean I eat all raw food or anything like that, but I don’t put highly-processed food into my body.

Being aware of your environment and how it can affect your longevity and health can help give you the best chance at living a long and healthy life.

—-Important Warning for All Men—-

Is your toilet paper poisoning your prostate?

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I’ve discovered something terrible about many common toilet paper brands…

They contain toxins that go directly from the paper into your skin…

…directly poisoning your prostate every time you wipe…

They can lead to hair loss, low testosterone levels, erections problems…

These toxins can even lead to prostate cancer!

So please, do me a favor and check this out…

Here are all the toilet papers that are hurting your prostate and literally poisoning your body every time you use them


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