Do this stretch and instantly lower blood pressure by 15 points

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This is the quickest and most natural way to lower blood pressure

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Do this stretch and instantly lower blood pressure by 15 points

High blood pressure isn’t always a bad thing. Older people with higher blood pressure do better.

But high blood pressure can be a worry — and sometimes that stress of having high blood pressure in itself is enough to warrant action.

There are safe, natural ways to bring down blood pressure.

I’ve written before about magnesium and walking — both bring blood pressure down and have numerous other health benefits.

Stretching is also an excellent way to bring down high blood pressure.

Stretching has many other benefits besides — benefits which include lowering the risk of cancer — and increasing energy production.

Stretching is particularly beneficial for people who would otherwise like to go walking but for some reason are unable to.

Stretching, which can be done inside the home, is even more effective than walking at lowering blood pressure.

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The human study was carried out at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. The findings were published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Researchers have been recommending aerobic exercise to lower blood pressure for decades.

“Aerobic exercise is recommended for reducing blood pressure but recent studies indicate that stretching may also be effective.”

A little aerobic exercise might be a good thing for some people.

But for people in poor health, or people who tend to exercise to excess, aerobic exercise can actually be a bad thing.

Stretching, on the other hand, has only benefits.

The authors of this study wanted to know just how beneficial stretching could be on blood pressure.

They recruited 40 men and women with an average age of 60 who had stage I hypertension.

“The authors compared 8 weeks of stretching versus walking exercise in people with stage 1 hypertension (130/85 to 159/99).”

The researchers tracked blood pressure by taking sitting and lying blood pressure measurements in the standard way.

The participants also used a 24 hour blood pressure monitor in order to see the bigger picture.

The participants were randomly split into two groups. One group performed stretching for half an hour a day, five days a week, for two months.

The other group walked for the same amount of time on the same days.

Walking is well known to lower blood pressure.

This study found that stretching lowers blood pressure even more than walking.

“The stretching program elicited greater reductions than the walking program.”

Stretching was better than walking according to the sitting blood pressure measurements, the blood pressure measurements taken lying down, and the 24 hour blood pressure measurements — whether awake or during sleep.

“The eight week stretching program was superior to walking for reducing blood pressure in individuals with high — normal blood pressure or stage I hypertension.”

You don’t need to run 5 or 10 km in order to lower your blood pressure — you don’t even need to go for a walk.

Stretching in the home is clearly enough to bring blood pressure down.

There are also numerous other benefits from stretching.

Stretching relaxes height stiff muscles.

Stretching causes slow controlled breathing which leads to calmness and improved hormonal balance.

Stretching is shown to increase energy generation inside the muscles which are being stretched — reducing tiredness.

Animal experiments have even shown that stretching muscles can significantly decrease cancer.

This is almost certainly due to the increase in energy production — cancer is an energetic/metabolic disease.

Stretching improves mobility — anyone over the age of 30 will notice this immediately.

The relaxation associated with stretching out frazzled muscles can lead to major improvements in sleep quality too.

It certainly worth trying to incorporate 15 to 30 minutes of stretching into your daily routine to see the benefits.

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Stretching is Superior to Brisk Walking for Reducing Blood Pressure in People With High-Normal Blood Pressure or Stage I Hypertension

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