Do this around your wife or girlfriend to make her hornier

“My wife is horny all the time and I don’t know what to do!”

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Do this around your wife or girlfriend to make her hornier

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Years ago, I was doing this weird little activity at home in the bedroom…

…and then Jodi is cozying up to me and she wants to do it.

So I’m thinking, that’s interesting…

…and it keeps working, LOL.

So I keep doing it.

We keep doing it.

And I found that there are actually 2 or 3 unusual things you can do around a woman…

…whether it’s your wife, your girlfriend, or a girl you want to get into bed…

And by doing 1 or more of these little “activities” around her, you can make her start feeling super horny…

…more aroused, more adventurous…

And now she wants you all the time… 


Flexing this 1 muscle can give men perfect blood sugar

Orthodox treatments for high blood sugar and insulinaemia leave a lot to be desired.

They can be helpful in the short term but don’t really address the underlying problems.

And the chemical “solutions” come with a long list of side effects.

There are excellent nutritional and lifestyle tactics which can really help with these problems – many of which I go into great detail in my newsletters.

But a recently reported experiment shows a new, simple way to help with blood sugar and insulin problems without using treatments or supplements.

Researchers discovered that simply flexing the calf muscle improves metabolic health so much that it’s more effective at improving blood sugar and insulin than current treatments and even those in the pipeline.

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The human research was carried out at the University of Houston. The paper was published in iScience.

We have this idea that lean, muscular people are more healthy.

It is largely true – particularly because muscle is excellent for energetic metabolism while body fat generates metabolic problems.

The authors of this study were interested in potential benefits of exercising the soleus muscle – AKA, the calf muscle.

They were interested in it because it is one muscle in the body which we can use almost indefinitely without getting tired.

“Slow oxidative muscle, most notably the soleus, is inherently well equipped with the molecular machinery for regulating blood-borne substrates.”

For their experiments, the researchers recruited men and women with a wide range of ages.

They made sure to include lean, normal weight and overweight people with varying activity and fitness levels.

“Participants included an equal number of male and female volunteers with a wide range of BMI, age, sedentary time, and habitual daily steps.”

The exercise experiment involved simply flexing the calf muscle while sitting down.

Something which almost anyone can do, even people with lots of body fat and underlying metabolic problems.

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“We found the human soleus muscle could raise local oxidative metabolism to high levels for hours without fatigue, during a type of soleus-dominant activity while sitting, even in unfit volunteers.”

The research found that this easy exercise causes significant improvement in metabolic health.

“Magnifying the otherwise negligible local energy expenditure with isolated contractions improved systemic triglyceride and glucose homeostasis by a large magnitude.”

The exercise led to a 50% reduction in blood sugar elevations after eating!

“Isolated soleus contractions led to 52% less postprandial glucose excursion (∼50 mg/dL less between ∼1 and 2 h).”

The experiment also showed massive decreases in insulin elevations!

60% less hyperinsulinemia.

The calf muscles are some of the most resilient in the body.

We can pump them thousands of times a day without them ever getting tired as they are the basic muscles needed for walking.

Simply flexing these muscles while sitting down can have profound effects on metabolic health.

“From a physiological perspective, this kind of contractile activity was effective at improving systemic metabolic regulation quickly and by a biochemically meaningful amount to improve glucose regulation, even at the lowest intensity studied.”

The research is obviously interesting for people who are not particularly healthy.

But there are also many who are currently healthy but who spend long hours every day sitting down to work.

Spending a little of this time flexing your calf muscles could really do a lot to improve your overall health.

“Furthermore, the high level of endurance of the soleus during contractions provides a tool for reversing the otherwise slow rate of muscle metabolism during long periods of inactivity.”

The researchers point out that the numbers provided by this research are vastly better than any known treatment.

We are unaware of any existing or promising ‘treatments’ that come close to raising and sustaining whole-body oxidative metabolism at the magnitude in the current study, including ‘treatments’ that may activate brown fat tissue.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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How to eat 2,000+ calories a day and not get fat

Take a look at the Harapeko twins from Japan:

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See how thin they are?

Believe it or not, these little girls are two of the world’s greatest eating champions!

They routinely consume up to 6,000 calories in a single meal – and they don’t get fat.

Their secret is a hot, high metabolism.

And you too can have a hot, high metabolism and freely eat what you want without worrying about gaining fat.

Here’s how


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A potent physiological method to magnify and sustain soleus oxidative metabolism improves glucose and lipid regulation