Diabetics are perfect fat burners but they need to become sugar burners

Diabetics are perfect fat burners but they need to become sugar burners

If you pick up any advertisement today for health, you will see things like this:

“Turn your body into a fat burning machine!”

“Burn fat like a furnace!”

“Try this fat burning diet!”

People think that the key to weight loss is to get your body to burn fat.

They might as well say “become a diabetic.”

Because diabetic men are fat burning machines already.

They are so good at burning fat in their bodies that they cannot burn sugar.

The solution to diabetes is to get the body back in the sugar burning mode.

Fat burning mode is the worst thing imaginable for your health.

So let’s look at how this works.

When you wake up, you have not eaten because you’ve been asleep.

You have fasted.

This is why people call the first meal of the day “breakfast,” or “break fast.”

When you don’t eat for a while, your body pumps blood fat, or free fatty acids, into your bloodstream.

This is fat that your body had stored that is now floating around in your blood.

The blood fat provides a sort of emergency power for your cells when they run out of sugar from fasting.

So, when you’re asleep, you don’t eat, your cells run out of sugar, and they use fat for energy instead.

When a person with a healthy metabolism wakes up, they have some breakfast.

The body needs to make the switch from burning fat back to burning sugar for fuel.

A healthy body can make this switch.

But people with a truly healthy metabolism are becoming rarer every day.

In people with diabetes, that switch from fat burning to sugar burning never happens.

They are insulin resistant and:

insulin resistance in skeletal muscle is characterized by Impaired switching to carbohydrate.

So the cells are locked into fat burning mode.

Diabetic men are great fat burners, but they need to find a way not to be a fat burner full time.

But don’t worry, I have not brought you all this way to disappoint you.

There is a solution to this problem of being a perpetual fat burner.

And the solution may be the answer to reversing diabetes.

As the study says:

nutritional, pharmacologic, or genetic maneuvers that suppress mitochondrial fatty acid import protect against lipid-induced insulin resistance.

In plain English, the study says that there is a way to stop this fat burning madness.

The answer is to suppress the mitochondria that produce energy in our bodies so they cannot import more fat.

This forces the cells into sugar burning mode.

What stops fat burning and forces sugar burning to fix diabetes?

What you do not want to do is go on a low-carb high-fat diet like all those trendy diets say.

They just make the problem worse and worse.

What you want to do is go on a low-fat, high carb diet.

You need a diet high in sugar.

This will temporarily raise your blood sugar.

But don’t be worried, your body will compensate.

Over time, your blood sugar will fall because your insulin resistance will decline.

Your cells will become more and more sensitive to insulin again.

It’s the high-fat diet that makes your body insulin resistant.

Like everything that I tell you here, always discuss it with your doctor before you do anything.

I can’t be responsible for your health, just for bringing you the information you can use with your doctor.

There are also various helpful supplements that keep your body from burning fat.

The best ones are niacinamide which is a B vitamin, and aspirin.



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Mitochondrial Overload and Incomplete Fatty Acid Oxidation Contribute to Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance 

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