A Body Part You Probably Have NEVER Heard Of May Hold The Key to Insulin Independence for Type 1 Diabetes – New Study

This new study, which I can’t believe came out of the United States, has me completely amazed. The crushing powers of Big Pharma here tend to suppress this kind of breaking research.

Diabetes – does it start in the brain or the pancreas? Answering this question may be the key to reversing diabetes for good.

Despite what the “known” knowledge is about diabetes – that it’s a failure of the pancreas, there is a study that now shows that your brain may be where diabetes starts – at least some of the time…

Breaking: This Diabetes Drug Has a Terrible Side Effect That Could Cost You Big Time

The Feds want you to keep taking a drug that has a higher risk of amputation then diabetes and just let your doc know if you have pain or sores in your legs… this is outrageous!

Full diabetes reversal in breakthrough Canadian study – will the methods last or will they fall apart?

I have personally seen many, many people full out reverse their diabetes, and completely go off diabetes medicine or reduce their medicine dramatically…

Bunk global warming diabetes study draws diabetes conclusion with scant evidence

I’ll tell you about why this study is BS in a minute, but first it’s important that you know that you won’t hear a lot of the stuff I talk about from the medical establishment, because…

Price gouging by Big Pharma – Insulin rates jump by up to 200%

This is the exact kind of thing that caused me to start researching medical science on my own and coming up with solutions that are independent of Big Pharma

Maybe sugar isn’t the real cause of diabetes. Maybe it’s this other sneaky hidden thing that’s supposed to be good for you instead…

Diabetics are often warned off of anything with sugar, including fresh fruit. But this is probably not such a good idea.

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