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This dental procedure fixes blood pressure, diabetes and more?

Here’s the dental procedure that is giving men striking improvements in health… and awesome erections too…
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How I lowered my estrogen levels and got my erections back…
My lab test came back with high estrogen. The feminine hormone.
So I wanted to reduce it.

This oil can cause diabetes

The number of cases of diabetes has been climbing in great numbers for decades.

As the Centers for Disease Control says, the number of cases of diabetes has gone up fourfold over the past 30 years.

Does high sugar consumption cause diabetes? Shocking answer

It’s very popular to blame sugar today, on all dietary problems. Just as 20 years ago we were in a low-fat mania, and fat was blamed for everything. Now sugar is blamed for everything.

Is Eating Lots of Fresh Fruit Good for Diabetes?

Diabetics are often warned off of anything with sugar, including fresh fruit. But this is probably not such a good idea.

Deficiency of this vitamin almost always leads to diabetes

Men deficient in this vitamin are 5 times more likely to develop diabetes – make sure it’s not you…

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To live longer and healthier, make your heart beat faster…

As we age, our heart rate often falls..

Glycine lowers blood pressure, lessens diabetes symptoms and cuts fat

Believe it or not, more and more research is coming out, showing the benefits of sugar, gasp! I know you don’t believe it yet, but you will.

I showed you an earlier study where the more sugar people eat, the thinner they were. Actually, a number of studies say the same thing.