Why Diabetes Treatments Just Keep Getting More and More Expensive

Holy Crap!

Humalog (an important insulin) has jumped in price from $21 a vial to over $200 a vial in the last 20 years. That is a STUNNING and deliberate price increase. For what?

Pretty sure it’s just to put more profits in the Big Pharma Fat Cat’s pockets.

(Makes me SOOOO mad)

Look, big Pharma is NOT on your side. Not at all.

They will rob you blind every single chance they get.

They trap you in medications that keep getting more and more expensive and harder and harder to afford with no real way out, and no real education on how to prevent and even reverse diabetes.

Which is why I started this site in the first place.

Because there are LOTS of things you can do to prevent diabetes from occurring and to help control or even reverse diabetes once you have it.

But you will NEVER hear those things from the price-gouging Big Pharma companies. I’ll get into one of those things in a minute…. It’s so simple it will blow your mind.

(Just don’t ever stop taking your diabetes meds or start a new program without talking to your doctor first – I’m a researcher and not a doctor and this is not medical advice)

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look at what is really going on with Big Pharma and how it’s causing pain for people everywhere, pretty much all the time.

It’s not just Humira that Big Pharma is jacking up in price.

“The biggest costs are the victoza the Levemir. Even with the savings card that is a novo disc program covers victoza and Levemir, I’m still paying for a 90day supply $300 for victoza. I keep enrolling in the savings card and was only paying Levemir $75/90 day supply and when I went to reactivate the savings program will no longer let me get savings on Levemir. So that’s $220/90 day supply for the Levemir. I am really thinking about talking to my md to go to cheaper insulin.” – Mystical Water – Diabetes Forums

These price jacks seem to be happening all over the board with all kinds of insulin. Which is crazy, because this is a drug that’s been around for 95 years.

What the frig!

According to the Washington Post:

“The long history of insulin shows the ripple effect of the industry-wide practice of raising list prices of existing drugs: All boats rise with the tide. Price increases on old drugs recalibrate how much it costs to treat the disease, paving the way for new drugs to be launched at ever higher prices.”

In other words, Big Pharma is charging you more because they can even on older drugs where the cost should be coming down.

This is the exact kind of thing that caused me to start researching medical science on my own and coming up with solutions that are independent of Big Pharma.

Solutions that help me and my students stay healthy instead of having to rely on hugely expensive treatments.

What to do about the incredible rising cost of insulin & other diabetes meds.

There are lots of things in our diets and life-styles (things we’ve often been told are healthy) that contribute to diabetes. And lots of things that help that Big Pharma just doesn’t talk about at all – like ever.

One of the REAL keys to dealing with the rising costs of meds is to take actions in your life so that you don’t continue to need the meds or at least need less. But those actions need to be backed up by real science. Not hokum pokum, and not ONLY lifelong drug dependency.

(Of course, you should never go off your meds without a doctor’s supervision!)

There’s a lot that goes into this, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter for the full skinny… but for now I’m going to leave you with this super simple – but totally amazing – tip that I promised.

This has the potential to really change things for you. Just make sure you are monitoring your sugar so that it doesn’t get too low. Because this supplement can have a pretty dramatic impact on blood sugar for some people.

For the full deal on how men all over the world are dramatically reducing their need for insulin click here.

A Little Known Supplement That Can Really Help Lower Blood Sugar

Have you ever heard of Taurine? Maybe you drink it in a Red Bull sometimes.

Taurine is an amino acid. So it’s super safe and available at nearly every health food store and all over the web. Just make sure what you get is pure – I like powders the best.

Taurine is a powerhouse of a supplement when it comes to lowering blood sugar.

Now this is the weird thing about taurine.

Your body makes “enough” of it.

BUT…. supplementing with it is almost magical.

For most people – the range that should be taken is 1000 to 1500 milligrams a day. Which is pretty easy to get.

In the studies done with mice, extra taurine lowered blood sugar significantly.

And it seems to have the same effect in humans of lowering blood sugar. You can check out this article for more details.

Taurine has lots of other positive effects as well. Which is why I take it every single day even though my blood sugar isn’t high. But if your blood sugar is high, then it’s a really good idea.

Taurine is a dead simple (and cheap) thing to try to lower your blood sugar using natural means, and hopefully get away from some of the dependence on Big Pharma and their price-gouging ways.


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