DHT better than T for men?

Look at the difference in these men

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DHT better than T for men?

Awareness of the health problems caused by low testosterone has increased.

But many guys are not aware that we have other male hormones which are also being targeted…

Perhaps most important is one called DHT.

Research has shown that the majority of men suffering from gynecomastia – AKA man boobs – show significant improvement when supplementing with DHT.

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The human research was carried out at Hôpital Cochin in Paris, France. The results were published in Clinical Andrology.

The study recruited a total of 62 men to look at the effect of the hormone DHT on gynaecomastia.

The researchers want to know whether this primary male hormone could reduce the incidence of man boobs.

This research included 40 men with gynaecomastia (man boobs) and 22 men without.

“We have studied clinical and hormone parameters in a group of forty men referred to us because of gynaecomastia – before and during the administration of DHT.”

The researchers compared the 40 men with gynaecomastia undergoing DHT therapy…

…with another 12 men taking DHT who did not have the condition.

Further comparisons were made against another 10 healthy men who were taking an inactive placebo.

They weren’t on DHT and did not have gynecomastia.

The men were treated with DHT for 1 to 5 months.

DHT caused complete disappearance of man boobs in 25% of the participants.

“Local administration of DHT was followed by the complete disappearance of gynaecomastia in 10 patients.”

Two thirds of the remaining men experienced significant improvements in gynaecomastia after taking DHT.

“Administration of DHT was followed by partial regression in 19 men.”

In total, almost 75% of men saw significant improvement after using this natural male hormone.

“DHT administration appears to be an efficient treatment for persistent idiopathic gynaecomastia since it caused a reduction in 29 out of 40 cases.”

The research also identified an abnormal hormonal balance in men suffering with man boobs.

These guys had higher levels of estrogen compared to testosterone plus DHT.

“Before treatment the Testosterone + DHT/estrogen ratio was significantly lower in men with gynecomastia.”

It makes sense that men with boobs have lower levels of male hormones and higher levels of inflammatory and feminizing estrogen.

DHT improved this hormone ratio – toward something more like that seen in healthy men.

“During DHT treatment, DHT levels increased significantly while the T + DHT/estrogen ratio increased significantly to a normal mean value.”

Men taking DHT had lower levels of estrogen and testosterone.

This may be because much of their testosterone was initially going into the creation of problematic estrogen. 

Still, it is a good reason why these hormones should be regularly checked when supplementing – under medical supervision.

They need to be balanced.

The study shows that we can add DHT to the list of things which can help to reverse the growth of man boobs.

“DHT administration appears to be an efficient treatment of persistent idiopathic gynaecomastia.”

Hormone treatment under a doctor’s supervision can be very effective. 

But many times it is not necessary.

There are many simple tricks that men can use to optimize their hormone levels naturally.

Even DHT.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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