DHEA may help diabetes as much as exercise does

DHEA may help diabetes as much as exercise does

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Exercise can help lower blood sugars and control insulin.

But it turns out that DHEA may do the same thing.

Allow me to point out something important about DHEA health benefits.

In some places in the world, there is still enough health and medical freedom to get DHEA.

The United States is, fortunately, one of those places.

So you’ll be able to discuss what we share today with your doctor.

And you’ll be able to try DHEA with their approval.

DHEA has pluses and minuses, but the fact is that we need it.

And the amount of DHEA in the male body declines with age — especially after 50 years old.

This is a very important study because they show a huge advantage of raising DHEA levels beyond any sexual reason.

Although that would be enough.

But is DHEA good for diabetes?


Researchers gave rats DHEA.

And they found that the blood sugar in these rats improved even if the rats were obese.

Obese rats given DHEA exhibited blood factors very similar to lean rats while exercising.

Muscle DHT levels is an important measure of overall health.

Healthy lean and younger rats have higher DHT levels in their muscles.

DHT is necessary not just for sexual performance but also for bigger muscles that men want to have.

What’s most important is that these rats were close to being diabetic.

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They had classic insulin resistance.

In this study, researchers found that the DHEA fixed their insulin resistance just as well as exercise would fix it.

No significant differences were observed between DHEA administration and exercise training.

These results suggest that both long-term oral administration of DHEA and exercise training restore glucose metabolism.

Unfortunately, in most places, doctors are more likely to prescribe dangerous diabetes drugs than they are to recommend DHEA.

In some places in the world, it’s very difficult to get DHEA.

But this study shows that it may be worth getting.

And it may be worth trying, with your doctor’s blessing of course.

Keep in mind that rat studies are not people studies, although this kind of study probably translates to people pretty well.

DHEA dosages will be different, of course.

And the big mistake people make with DHEA is taking too much.

Even a tiny amount such as 5 mg to 10 mg per day may be enough to perform some hormonal magic and lower blood sugars.



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