Desensitization is a common cause of erectile dysfunction

Desensitization is a common cause of erectile dysfunction

I’ve talked a lot about desensitization and its effect on men’s sexual response these days.

It also affects women just as much — but of course, with men, it is more obvious.

I want to show you the study conducted quite a while ago.

They wanted to see what connection there may be between porn and ED.

It will show you the difference between how men responded then, and how men respond today to sexual stimuli.

These are young men admittedly, from age 25 to 32.

The researchers showed them an erotic movie, and virtually all of them developed a full erection.

And they did that every time they saw the movie, as often as nine times in a row.

We know this because these men agreed to have their penis monitored for erectile activity.

Researchers used a device wired to the subject’s penis.

The interesting thing about the study is that they also saw if men could avoid having an erection when they were watching the movie.

And the men often could avoid an erection or at least a full erection by thinking about other things.

They focused on thoughts about multiplication tables or other non-sexual things.

Boring topics distracted the men even though their eyes still focused on the movie.

Then the researchers tried to get the men to create an erection without the movie or any physical stimulation.

The men were able to achieve an erection in most cases.

And they did this through fantasy.

Many times they couldn’t get a full erection with just fantasy, but they could get at least 1/2 erection.

Now let’s compare that to today.

Do you seriously think that just thinking sexual thoughts is going to get people today to have an erection?

And you think that men today are going to get a full erection when they watch an erotic movie?

Not at all — of course.

And what’s the difference?

The difference is that today we are exposed to a constant barrage of sexual triggers.

In the days that this study was done these triggers were not present.

Today with the high number of constant sexual triggers, our brains have gotten used to so many of these sexual triggers.

So, when it comes time to have a real erection and to have sex, many of us find that our brains are incapable of giving the directions to our penis.

This study also showed us that under healthy circumstances we could maintain good erections.

The difference today is that we are also inundated with sexual triggers and so desensitized that our sexual response is largely blunted.

And erectile dysfunction is so often the result.

Too much exposure to these sexual triggers leads to erection problems.

This is what desensitization is all about.

And this is what many of our course materials are designed to get fixed.



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