Desensitization causes erectile dysfunction

Desensitization causes erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction causes issues for a lot of men.

We know that desensitization causes erectile dysfunction.

But what causes desensitization?

There are many causes of desensitization or loss of sensitivity.

But one cause is the overuse of online porn.

Researchers conducted this study by surveying 434 men.

These were fully anonymous surveys.

And although this is not the strongest type of study, it is certainly helpful.

Researchers were looking to see if there is a relationship between ED and porn use.

They asked these men not only about their porn watching habits but also about their sexual performance.

And the study finds a tie-in between poor sexual performance and certain porn patterns.

Results indicated that higher sexual desire, lower overall sexual satisfaction, and lower erectile function were associated with problematic use of online porn.

Now, men watching porn is just one source of desensitization, but it is a very powerful one.

That’s because of how the brain works.

The brain’s involvement in desensitization hasn’t been studied much.

Drug companies have a huge influence over study funding.

And they have little interest in studies that might dethrone drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Age is another potential cause that drug companies aren’t studying.

But back in 1962, some very bright researchers took volunteers for a sensitivity study.

They tested their sensitivity around their penis and their entire body.

Some of these men had erectile dysfunction disorder, and some did not.

The idea was to determine if there is a relationship between men aging and losing sensitivity.

This experiment tested various nerves in areas the body:

The researchers found that men lose sensitivity as they get older.

They compared 123 volunteers with ED, to 50 volunteers without ED.

In general, men who had erectile dysfunction had much much lower sensitivity.

Our results study suggest a relationship between erectile dysfunction and subclinical, age-related (penile) sensory disorders.

So, we know that a loss in sensitivity can have many causes.

Metabolic problems and age are possible causes.

Another cause is misuse or abuse of high-speed online porn.

And there are other causes, including health issues — and even too much rough sex.



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