Desensitization causes ED

Desensitization causes ED

Years ago, I had a revelation about erectile dysfunction.

I discovered that men’s “rockiness” problems were due to desensitization.

Knowing the cause of the problem gives us a place to start to find solutions.

And desensitization causes ED.

Here is an important study that reveals how men may be able to fix desensitization.

And it addresses the causes of erectile dysfunction and desensitization.

In this study, researchers compared two groups of men.

The first group was of men who suffered with “dysfunction,” they had ED.

The other group was of men who were “functional,” men who did not report any ED problems.

The researchers exposed both groups of men to various erotic triggers and monitored their arousal patterns.

There is a device that they can hook up to the penis that reveals arousal.

The device is even able to measure low levels of arousal that a man may not be aware of.

So researchers hooked up one of these devices, and they monitored what happened to each group of men.

Men who have erections problems are more acutely self-conscious and aware of what’s going on inside their bodies and their brains.

Once a man gets over erections problems, he doesn’t pay so much attention to this “interior” dialogue.

He stops focusing on mental and physical states.

He is aroused and just wants to plow, LOL.

But men with erections problems are not this way.

They are always paying close attention to their thinking states.

They are always analyzing, and they basically overthink things.

Dysfunctional men evidenced greater awareness of a variety of physiological responses, as well as more negative and fewer positive cognitive-affective states.

There was also something else interesting.

I did not it find surprising, but it really puzzled the researchers.

The researchers found that men with erections problems did not feel as aroused at the erotic material as men without ED.

This is my number one finding over the years with regard to men and erections problems.

There is an absolute relationship between desensitization and erectile dysfunction.

If your brain has been exposed to a lot of erotic stimuli, it stops responding properly to normal stimulus.

You become desensitized to normal stimulus.

And your brain stops responding the way that a “normal” man reacts to this same stimulus.

It’s not your fault.

It’s a physiological issue with your brain and your penis.

A man who does not have desensitization gets aroused quickly, and easily.

A man was desensitized does not.

The dysfunctional sample was significantly less subjectively aroused to the tapes and fantasy.

This study was done several decades ago.

If it were done today, the difference between the two groups of men would even be more significant.

This is because there is nothing but erotic stimuli everywhere today.

It’s on the Internet, on television, in the world.

Our entertainment and advertising are actually causes of desensitization.

The world today is so overly sexualized with fake and phony sexual imagery.

The brain is continually exposed to these sex triggers.

Eventually, the brain loses sensitivity to “normal” triggers.

You could see it in the study, and you can see it today.

And something much worse happens with the erections problems.

Dysfunctional men showed greater general psychological distress, including elevated somaticism [symptoms that cannot be explained medically], anxiety and depression scores.

Men with erections problems feel a lot of anxiety, including performance anxiety.

And I think that this is more than just the desensitization caused by the constant barrage of sex hormones.

I believe it is also due to both psychological and physiological numbness.

This numbness is depressing, anxiety provoking, and real.

The solution is to fix the desensitization that is the cause of the erections problems.

Some men have a lot of health issues that cause ED.

Medications and interventions for these health issues complicate things further.

Today’s blood pressure medications and antidepressants are the most frequent medical culprits that cause ED.

But every man who has erections problems has some degree of desensitization.

And this desensitization must be corrected to have a fulfilling and wonderful sex life.

Matt Cook is editor-in-chief of Daily Medical Discoveries. Matt has been a full time health researcher for 26 years. ABC News interviewed Matt on sexual health issues not long ago. Matt is widely quoted on over 1,000,000 websites. He has over 300,000 daily newsletter readers. Daily Medical Discoveries finds hidden, buried or ignored medical studies through the lens of 100 years of proven science. Matt heads up the editorial team of scientists and health researchers. Each discovery is based upon primary studies from peer reviewed science sources following the Daily Medical Discoveries 7 Step Process to ensure accuracy.
Affective and physiological sexual response patterns: The effects of instructions on sexually functional and dysfunctional men 
1. What is desensitization therapy for ed? 
Erectile dysfunction is a problem that impacts a lot of men. The cause of ED for many is desensitization. A well-known study took two groups of men and measured their reactions to erotic triggers. One of the groups was men who suffered from ED, the other group did not. When measuring the patterns of arousal, the researchers noted that “dysfunctional” men (those with ED) did not respond physiologically as strongly to the erotic stimulus. In addition, the researchers concluded: “Dysfunctional men evidenced greater awareness of a variety of physiological responses, as well as more negative and fewer positive cognitive-affective states.” So, dysfunctional men had greater anxiety and were not responding as strongly to the erotic stimuli provided to them. As the researchers state: “Dysfunctional men showed greater general psychological distress, including elevated somaticism, anxiety and depression scores.” It should be noted that this study is decades-old. All the problems effecting these men are magnified today. We are bombarded with erotic stimulus on a near minute-by-minute basis these days, be it from the internet, television, or movies. When your brain is continually exposed to these sex triggers, it loses sensitivity to “normal” triggers, such as actually getting intimate with a real-life woman. This is called desensitization. It can take forms both physical and psychological, with the numbness overtaking your moods. It makes men anxious, depressed, and withdrawn. Obviously, all of this has an impact on sexual performance. It seems easy to turn to medications for ED issues. However, most of the time, these will just complicate the situation further. Blood pressure medications and SSRIs often contribute to the problem for men suffering from ED. To start improving your sex life, go back to the source of the ED: Desensitization. Work on that and you’ll begin to see some real results. 

2. How to fix desensitization 
 Oftentimes, the cause of erectile dysfunction is desensitization. What is desensitization? Basically, it’s your brain becoming numb to erotic triggers. This is sadly commonplace in the modern day, because we are constantly bombarded with erotic stimuli. Be it television or movies, but especially internet porn, our brains are overwhelmed with sex triggers. This causes men to lose sensitivity to “normal” triggers, such as actually getting intimate with a woman in real life. One study examined the relationship between online porn and men’s sexual performance. 434 men were anonymously surveyed about their porn habits and sexual health. The study’s results indicated that “higher sexual desire, lower overall sexual satisfaction, and lower erectile function were associated with problematic use of online porn.” Age is also a factor in men’s sensitivity diminishing over time. Back in 1962, a study was conducted on two groups of men. One group suffered from ED, the other did not. The researchers measured the sensitivity of various body parts, and found that men with ED had lower sensitivity overall than men without ED. They also noted that age seemed to be a factor. The study concluded: “Our results suggest a relationship between erectile dysfunction and subclinical, age-related (penile) sensory disorders.” Knowing this, a pharmaceutical industry has popped up in the past few decades, marketing itself to older men with erectile problems. Products like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra claim to be miracle cures for ED. But beware of pills that promise a quick fix. Oftentimes they simply compound the issue and make it worse in the long term. One way to work your way out of desensitization is to limit or eliminate your consumption of online pornography. Another way is to avoid pills which artificially stimulate your sex drive. 

3. Does viagra desensitize? 
 Erectile dysfunction can take many forms, from problems ejaculating too early to ejaculating too late, or going soft during intercourse. Today we’re going to talk about trouble getting and keeping an erection. A whole industry has sprung up claiming to solve this problem. Pills offering a quick fix, like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, are ubiquitous these days. What they promise seems too good to be true, and as we’re about to find out, it often is. Men who have tried these pills often come to one of two conclusions. Either they don’t like the side effects and find them actively harmful, or they note that after a certain amount of time the drugs stop working entirely. Most of the studies done to research these outcomes were commissioned by the drug companies themselves, so they aren’t entirely trustworthy. However, one independent study looked at the long-term effects of Viagra and the results were not encouraging. At the start of the study, ¾ of the men were able to get and maintain an erection for satisfactory intercourse. After a year, however, 50% reported that the drugs had stopped working after a year. Using these drugs tends to accelerate the process of desensitization, or what the study calls the tachyphylaxis effect. It is defined as the “rapidly diminishing response to successive doses of a drug, rendering it less effective. The effect is common with drugs acting on the nervous system.” What this means is that even if a man stops taking these drugs, they have already had a diminishing effect on his sexual vitality. His nervous system has lost feeling, and therefore erotic triggers do not create the same physical response any more. Beware of the quick fixes offered by the likes of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. 


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