Department of Medicine warns: don’t keep your cell phone here

Department of Medicine warns: don’t keep your cell phone here

They calculated how much radiation each person was exposed to…

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Department of Medicine warns: don’t keep your cell phone here…

People have been raising the alarm about the potential harm from cell phone radiation for many years.

Science is now beginning to confirm some of these fears.

A new study shows that cell phone radiation harms thyroid function in healthy people…

This human study was published in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

83 medical students were recruited for this analysis – the group was split almost 50-50 between men and women.

The first thing the researchers did was estimate each individual’s radiation exposure from their cell phones.

They calculated how much radiation each person was exposed to by taking the amount of time they spent on their phones and combining that figure with the SAR rating of each phone.

SAR (specific absorption rate) is an international standard for assessing cell phone radiation.

“Radiation exposure was found by taking the product of the SAR values of the phone model as published by the EU and the duration of cell phone usage by the participant.”

Lower SAR ratings mean less radiation. The amount of time spent on the phone was assessed by a questionnaire.

The participants underwent a clinical thyroid examination and then their TSH were levels tested.

TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) is a parathyroid hormone that is usually a good indicator of thyroid function.

Normally, when thyroid hormones decrease TSH increases. For healthy people, this is a bad sign.

Researchers assessed thyroid function via TSH and compared those readings against the radiation exposure of each individual.

“The participants underwent a clinical examination to exclude clinical signs of thyroid disease, and the results were recorded. Finally, all the participants were subjected to laboratory investigation to determine the level of TSH.”

Most of the people in the study had normal thyroid function.

“The clinical examination showed that 79.5% of the participating medical students had clinically normal thyroid function.”

The effect of radiation on TSH was relevant to both clinically normal and abnormal participants.

The researchers exposed the participants to thousands of units of radiation per day from their phones.

“The mean radiation exposure for the group was 4473.95 ± 3413.719 for the 76 participants for whom data were available.”

It seems that for a lot of study participants their phone use wasn’t excessive in comparison to the general population.

“As many as 53% of the medical students who participated reported spending a ½ hour on average speaking on their mobile phone daily, while 28.9% reported spending 1½ hour daily and 10.8% reported talking over the cell phone for 3½ hours.”

The researchers found a strong correlation between radiation exposure and TSH levels.

“There is a significant correlation between the total radiation and the TSH values among both individuals with or without a family history of thyroid dysfunction.”

As the participants’ radiation exposure increased so did their TSH.

This indicates dose-dependent radiation damage to thyroid function caused by cell phones.

“This means that for every one unit increase in total radiation exposure, there is an increase in TSH value, which is statistically significant.”

This decrease in thyroid function is relevant to every process in the body.

Thyroid hormones control the amount of work the cells in the body can do – they are a primary rate-limiting factor.

“In the endocrine system, the thyroid gland has vital and critical effects on practically all physiological processes in the human body.”

The thyroid gland is a soft target. It is in the neck and therefore close to the source of radiation when you hold a cell phone to your ear and mouth.

“As the thyroid gland lies in the anterior aspect of the neck, it is particularly vulnerable to the deleterious effects of any radiation.”

Decreasing your exposure to radiation from cell phones is quite simple:

  • Don’t use your cell phone as often.
  • Use your phone in speakerphone mode.
  • Hold the phone away from your body and use a wired headset.
  • Choose a cell phone with a lower SAR rating.

The study provides some basic analysis of SAR ratings from various manufacturers.

Obviously, different phones have different ratings – but ratings for Apple phones are quite high.

Other manufacturers have models with SAR ratings at a fraction of Apple’s SAR ratings.

The SAR ratings of most phones are easily available online.

You should see an endocrinologist about any suspected thyroid problems.

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