This Common Supplement Does Really Weird Things to Testosterone.

I very rarely watch television with commercials, but I saw a couple of shows the other night and I was amazed at how many commercials were on for testosterone supplements.

The way these commercials talk, you would think that men everywhere are suffering a big drop in testosterone. But that isn’t the case. There are some guys with very low testosterone that should probably get supplements.

But the reality is, that most guys test normal in the testosterone range.

However, that doesn’t mean that you FEEL like you have enough testosterone, because there are other hormones and substances in your body that block the testosterone you do have from working correctly and providing the benefits of a great sex drive and great muscles.

The good news is that a very safe supplement can actually negate some of these effects and make your testosterone work WAY better in your body.

You probably won’t hear about this from your doctor, because pharmaceutical companies keep such a tight grip on information and really just want to make sure that you’re buying their drugs.

In other words, they’re interested in SELLING you testosterone supplements.

But what I’ve discovered in MY research is that science has found vitamin D3 can actually boost the way testosterone works in your body by making a certain substance stop blocking the active or free testosterone your body uses.

What this study found is that increasing D3 by supplementation (especially if you’re low in D3 to begin with) decreases something called SHBG levels in your blood.

SHGB is Sex hormone-binding globulin and dramatically affects the way that testosterone works in your body.

In our men with normal testosterone levels we did see a decrease in SHBG levels

In order to have enough biologically active testosterone your body, you have to lower levels of SHGB. Which makes testosterone WORK BETTER in your body.

Meaning you get more out of the Testosterone your body already makes!

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Effectively, the lower SHBG levels result in more bioavailable testosterone. “We think that low SHBG levels should be an advantage for these men because they have more biologically active hormone.”

And thankfully getting these lower levels doesn’t take anything fancy, just a simple D3 supplement, which is widely available and quite inexpensive.

How to get more D3 to free up your testosterone

D3 is often called the sunshine vitamin, because your skin makes it when you’re out in the sun. It’s one of the reasons that you feel so much better when you get a sunlight exposure.

So if you work outside in construction or are farmer, you might already have enough D3 in your body.

But if you spend most of your time indoors and don’t do a lot of outdoor activities, then you are likely deficient in D3 and you can take it in supplement form.

(Docs can test for D3 in your blood very simply)

The supplements are considered very safe and they are easy to take. Just make sure you get the D3 variety in order to suppress the SHGB.

What freeing up testosterone will do for you.

By giving your body more bioavailable testosterone, many men report that they feel more manly and often start to display more alpha male characteristics. They find it easier to be assertive in the office and ask for what they want more often.

Men also report having higher sex drive, and being able to gain muscle more quickly and easily at any age. Having more Testosterone available is kind of like putting premium fuel in your car. It just makes everything run better.

Testosterone is a vital hormone for men and if it’s being blocked by having too high of SHBG levels then you can’t get the benefit of the testosterone you already have in your body. Vitamin D3 can help a lot with lowering the SHBG levels so you can get more out of the testosterone you already have.


Vitamin D3 and testosterone: