Common food dramatically lowers estrogen and may stop cancer

Common food dramatically lowers estrogen and may stop cancer

In the male body, testosterone often converts into estrogen.

This process is aromatization.

The body uses a chemical called aromatase to convert testosterone into estrogen.

If you can figure out a way to stop aromatization, then you raise testosterone levels.

Stopping testosterone from converting to estrogen will also lower harmful estrogen levels.

Now, like everything, you can take it to the extreme.

But today, what I have for you is a way to raise testosterone moderately while also lowering estrogen levels.

And you can do it with nothing but a common food you find in your refrigerator.

It turns out that the common white button mushroom is a very powerful way to inhibit aromatase.

The French call them champignons — fancy, huh?

But these simple little mushrooms can help raise testosterone and lower estrogen.

Before I get into the study, take it from me that breast cancer and prostate cancer are very similar.

Something that stops breast cancer will also stop prostate cancer and many other cancers.

So this study also applies to men, not just women.

Most prostate cancer begins with prostate inflammation.

Prostate inflammation and prostate cancer begin with high estrogen and cortisol levels.

White button mushrooms reduce estrogen levels when they are properly prepared and eaten regularly.

The white button mushroom suppressed aromatase activity dose dependently.

These results suggest that diets high in mushrooms may modulate the aromatase activity and function in chemoprevention by reducing the production of estrogen.

Several other studies validate this finding.

And my own personal research supports it as well.

The study went further using tissue samples and found a very potent anticancer effect from white button mushrooms.

The studies showed that mushroom extract decreased both tumor cell proliferation and tumor weight.

Mushrooms also are very powerful ways to clean out your small intestine and partially sterilize it.

Mushrooms don’t get moldy very easily.

They are loaded with very potent antifungal and antibacterial compounds.

These compounds can help clean your gut when you eat them.

But you have to cook them properly of course.

Remember these are the cheap common supermarket mushrooms, nothing fancy.

We’re not talking about Portobello’s, oyster mushrooms, or anything else — just the cheap supermarket mushrooms.

Mushrooms may be one of the best anti-aromatase foods you can possibly eat regularly.

They can inhibit prostate cancer, they can help gut problems, and they can reduce estrogen levels.



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