CID5920 is making men feel like teenagers again

“I got cheery and started doing things I hate to do — like cleaning the toilet!”

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CID5920 is making men feel like teenagers again

One of my students, Robert, has been taking CID5920, a natural anti-aging hormone I discovered…

And he says he’s noticed an immediate change in his attitude!

Here’s what he wrote me:

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Wow! So with just a tiny bit of CID5920, Robert’s testosterone levels went up…

…his depression lifted…

…and he’s going to the mall to scout out pretty young women, just like he used to do as a teenager!

And Robert is just one of the thousands of men lining up to try this secret natural anti-aging hormone.

It’s been kept secret from ordinary men like you and me for more than 50 years, but not anymore…

Here’s CID5920, the natural anti-aging hormone I’ve discovered just for men


Drinking this special type of water can make bones stronger

Parathyroid hormone is unknown to most people, but it has a huge effect on bone metabolism.

Keeping parathyroid hormone levels low will keep your bones strong and full of calcium.

When parathyroid hormone becomes elevated, the bones are weakened by loss of calcium…

But this calcium also finds its way into soft tissues.

This movement of calcium accelerates aging and causes plaques in the blood vessels and calcification of the heart muscle.

Consuming calcium is one of the things that helps to keep parathyroid hormone down – making sure calcium stays where it should be.

Dairy foods are the best source of calcium.

But mineral water can also provide significant amounts of calcium for those who do not like or cannot consume dairy.

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The human research was carried out at the Faculté de Médecine Pitié-Salpêtrière. The paper was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Calcium has innumerable uses in the body – but most of the calcium is stored in bones and plays an integral part of their structural integrity.

“Calcium is a major component of mineralized tissues and is required for normal growth and maintenance of bone.”

The bones are always absorbing and losing calcium.

Consuming enough calcium is essential to keeping them strong.

Dairy is by far the best source of calcium – but most people do not get enough calcium in the diet.

“Epidemiologic studies showed that a large percentage of the population fails to meet the currently recommended guidelines for optimal calcium intake.”

So, this research was carried out to see whether mineral water is high in calcium…

…could be as beneficial as dairy in keeping your bones intact (and keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy).

“The present study was designed to determine whether high-calcium mineral water is an efficient additional source of dietary calcium.”

12 men were recruited from the study which compared the consumption of mineral water to normal water on markers of bone metabolism.

“Twelve healthy young men ingested in a randomized order either 0.5 L of a mineral water containing 344 mg Ca/L or 0.5 L of a mineral water with a very low concentration of calcium as a control.”

Milk contains a huge amount of calcium…

But the mineral water in this study had almost half as much calcium as you would find in the same amount of milk.

Blood and urine samples were collected after consumption of the different types of water to look at markers of bone metabolism.

“We tested parathyroid hormone and concentrations and urinary excretion of a recently developed biochemical marker of bone resorption, CTx.”

When parathyroid hormone is elevated it triggers the release of calcium from the bones.

Lower parathyroid hormone keeps bones and the cardiovascular system healthy.

The calcium rich mineral water was effective at lowering parathyroid hormone.

The participants consumed about 10 oz of water in the trial.

“Parathyroid hormone was significantly lower after ingestion of high-calcium water than after ingestion of the control.”

The researchers also found that the other marker of bone…

Calcium depletion was also decreased and the men consumed high calcium water.

“There was a significant progressive decrease in urinary CTx after ingestion of the high-calcium water, whereas after ingestion of low-calcium water the changes were modest and not significant.”

The bone and cardioprotective effects of high calcium mineral water were clear even four hours after consumption of mineral water.

“The decreases in serum CTx concentrations were significantly lower 1, 2, 3, and 4 h after ingestion of high-calcium water than after ingestion of the control.”

Dairy foods, calcium supplements and powdered egg shells are good sources of calcium.

But this research clearly shows that high calcium mineral water is also another good option.

“Oral intake of water containing a very moderate dose of calcium (172 mg) acutely inhibited parathyroid hormone secretion and bone resorption.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

—-Important Message About Parathyroid Hormone—-

High levels of parathyroid hormone cause 80% of men’s health and sex problems – here’s how to lower it

Have you heard of parathyroid hormone?

It’s a necessary hormone for our body’s natural processes.

But when parathyroid hormone gets too high, very bad things start happening to men…

And it can be way, way worse than pulling calcium out of the bones and depositing plaque in the arteries…

And if you don’t lower it in time, you can end up with chronic, debilitating health conditions and even lose your sexual function.

Here’s the key to lowering parathyroid hormone before it’s too late


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Mineral water as a source of dietary calcium: acute effects on parathyroid function and bone resorption in young men