Be careful if they want to give you oxygen at the hospital

Be careful if they want to give you oxygen at the hospital

Many things that they do in hospitals and doctors offices have no rhyme or reason.

They have no basis in reality.

You may be shocked to realize that they have never really been tested.

In fact, a lot of these things cause harm.

And today’s study, we talk about one common practice that causes more issues than it helps.

The practice of giving oxygen to patients causes tremendous health problems.

And yet they still do it.

But the good news is that there is a way to remedy the problems caused by receiving pure oxygen.

We’ve known this method for years, but it’s been lost.

Doctors no longer pay any attention to these important findings and biochemical facts.

Studies have proven time and again that pure oxygen administration is a really bad idea.

When people have a heart attack, it’s common to give them pure oxygen.

Actually, pure oxygen usage is common in a variety of situations.

They give oxygen for heart failure, asthma, and many other issues.

But science has known for a long time that giving pure oxygen to patients lowers their carbon dioxide levels.

These oxygen therapy side effects cause your blood vessels constrict or get smaller.

It’s as if you started pouring water through a garden hose, and then try to pour the same amount of water through a very narrow hose.

The constriction can slow down recovery from a heart attack and make other health problems much worse, much faster.

However, years ago someone tried adding a small amount of carbon dioxide to the pure oxygen.

They found that this was a tremendously easy way to improve the health of patients inhaling oxygen.

Instead of inhaling just pure oxygen, they also inhaled some carbon dioxide mixed in.

Along with oxygen, the inhalation of small amounts of carbon dioxide shortens the recovery period of cardiac muscle, in part by increasing the arterial oxygen tension, and in part by preventing constriction of capillaries in the coronary circulation.

They started adding a little bit of carbon dioxide to the pure oxygen they were giving patients.

This improved the oxygen and healthy carbon dioxide levels.

And they were pleased to see that patients improved dramatically.

Somehow over the years, this information got lost — perhaps buried, censored, or misplaced.

Nowadays they never seem to give patients carbon dioxide along with oxygen.

The result is that if you receive pure oxygen, your carbon dioxide levels fall, your blood vessels constrict.

And now you’re in much greater danger from acute health problems such as a bad heart attack.

For instance, WebMD says:

You may use oxygen therapy at home or in the hospital if you have low oxygen levels in your blood because of pneumonia, lung cancer, COPD, ARDS, or other conditions.

More doctors and medical personnel need to be trained how to use oxygen mixed with carbon dioxide.

If patients receive oxygen mixed with carbon dioxide, they will probably recover much more quickly.

And they’ll be far more comfortable.



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The physiologic action of oxygen and carbon dioxide on the coronary circulation, as shown by blood gas and electrocardiographic studies 

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