Cardiovascular Disease is Largely a Vitamin C Deficiency

Cardiovascular Disease is Largely a Vitamin C Deficiency

Most people don’t realize how important vitamin C is.

But vitamin C is critical to even cardiovascular health.

You’re probably surprised, but this is not a new idea.

So, cardiovascular disease is really vitamin C deficiency disease.

We’ve known it since the 50’s.

Dr. George C. Willis was a Canadian medical researcher who first made the connection using guinea pigs.

Why guinea pigs? 

Because they are a good model for cardiovascular disease — you see, they cannot produce vitamin C. 

And neither can man. 

Many other animals CAN make their own vitamin C, but we (and the guinea pigs) need to consume it in our food.

So Dr. Willis gave these guinea pigs a diet low in vitamin C.

And sure enough, they developed lesions in the arteries that were exactly the same as humans get.

This is what we call hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis.

Then Dr. Willis did something brilliant.

He injected vitamin C into these guinea pigs.

“When ascorbic acid is given to scorbutic guinea pigs, the early atherosclerotic lesions resorb quickly.”

Now it was time to try this on human beings.

So, Dr. Willis injected radio-opaque dye and used x-rays to see the inside of human arteries.

He gave his patient 1¹⁄₂ grams of vitamin C daily.

And then he used the dye and x-rays to see how the vitamin C affected the arteries.

“Without treatment, none of the six cases improved. Three cases deteriorated while three were unchanged. But in the treated group, 6 out of 10 cases improved.”

You can see that Dr. Willis discovered a key relationship between low vitamin C levels and hardening of the arteries.

However, you probably haven’t heard of Dr. Willis.

The question is, why not?

Perhaps it was because by now, a well-known doctor named Ancel Keyes had arrived on the scene.

And Keyes convinced the public and especially the American Medical Association that arteries got hard for another reason.

He said that it happened because of too much saturated fat and cholesterol.

That’s where the myth started.

But then, a very strange thing happened.

Dr. Linus Pauling, the winner of two Nobel prizes, looked into the issue.

He then duplicated the guinea pig experiment and got exactly the same results.

In a series of articles. Pauling explained the key importance of vitamin C.

Plus, Dr. Pauling discovered just what it is that Vitamin C does to help.

He discovered that Vitamin C is required to form protein strands that form the basic framework for our cells.

Perhaps you’ve heard of these protein strands– we call them collagen.

Vitamin C and collegen are crucial to artery health.

Dr. Pauling found that vitamin C helps the body make collagen:

Thanks to Vitamin C, the crosslinks give the collagen strength:

For this reason, a lack of vitamin C compromises the collagen network of the arterial walls. 

And that is the true way that arteries get hardened.

“Ascorbate deficiency leads to an incomplete hydroxylation and thus weakens the extracellular matrix. Alterations of the endothelium and loose connective tissue are known to be characteristic features of atherosclerotic plaques.” 

Plus, he found that when enough vitamin C is available, existing artery lesions regress.

And new arterial collagen strands form due to this higher vitamin C level.

This process was demonstrated clinically in both guinea pigs and HUMANS.

So, reversing atherosclerosis is possible, and with some simple like Vitamin C.





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