How to be cancer-resistant today

How to be cancer-resistant today

What if this discovery means you can never get cancer? Just do this like the rats did, and you too will become cancer-resistant.

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How to be cancer-resistant today

Polar solvents have a great deal of potential to slow down, prevent, or even reverse cancer.

Yet they have been studied very little since the 1980s.


I believe it’s because the profitability of chemotherapy has made these inexpensive and very available substances uninteresting to the people who fund studies.

What is a polar solvent?

A polar solvent is a liquid that has a slight electric charge. Water is one example.

Pure water is almost completely non-conductive, but water generally does conduct electricity.

This is because the arrangement of the oxygen and hydrogen atoms causes them to have a slight electric charge on one side (or one pole).

There are other polar solvents, though.

Most of them contain sulfur, and these seem to be able to treat or reverse cancer.

Let’s start with this study:

In the first experiment, the researchers treated human cancer cells with a polar solvent.

Those cells lost a lot of their cancer properties:

“Growth in the presence of the polar solvent also effected a marked reduction in the tumorigenicity of the cells.”

In a sense, these cells became normal again.

In the next phase of the study, the scientists inoculated some mice with cancer cells and the mice developed cancer.

But when mice were inoculated with the polar-solvent-treated cancer cells…

the mice generally did not develop cancer.

When the polar solvent was removed from the cancer cells, mice inoculated with those cancer cells did develop cancer.

“Removal of the polar solvent from the culture medium was accompanied by the reappearance of tumorigenicity and the original cell culture characteristics.”

Here’s another study:

These researchers wanted to investigate whether polar solvents could prevent colon cancer.

They treated mice with polar solvents for a week and then inoculated these mice with cancer.

Guess what? Mice that had been given polar solvents developed cancer much more slowly…

“The average time to tumor onset was significantly delayed…”

And even the tumors they did develop were not nearly as bad:

“Fewer poorly-differentiated (dangerous) tumors were noted in treatment groups…”

Polar solvents have great potential to slow down cancer or even prevent it.

I recommend you talk to your doctor about MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

It’s probably the most inexpensive and easiest to get polar solvent that has been used in studies.

It’s available as a nutritional supplement at health food stores and from many online sources.

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Prevent cancer by stopping “cancer metabolism”

When men age, their metabolism slows down. Their bodies stop burning energy.

They get sluggish. Feel tired. Need naps.

And they stop being able to perform as men.

Worse yet, a slower metabolism leads to what has been called “cancer metabolism” – it is fertile ground for developing prostate cancer and other cancers.

It was discovered by a medical titan named Otto Warburg who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of cancer metabolism and how to stop it.

They call the cancer metabolism the “Warburg effect” – Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer cells grow in a body that’s suffering from a very low metabolism.

And Dr. Warburg also found that cancer cells grow in a body lacking enough oxygen.

Low oxygen levels. Slow metabolism. Cancer breeds there.

To prevent or even reverse cancer, a man has to get away from the cancer metabolism…

How can a man do it? It turns out it is EASY to escape the cancer metabolism. And it has a side benefit of bringing back youthful erections and sexual performance…

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N,N-Dimethylformamide-induced Alteration of Cell Culture Characteristics and Loss of Tumorigenicity in Cultured Human Colon Carcinoma Cells of polar solvents in chemoprevention of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced colon cancer
  1. What are the causes of mesothelioma?

  2. Originally, doctors believe that mesothelioma was always caused by asbestos fibers. Many men worked in manufacturing and shipbuilding industries, at a time when asbestos was widely employed in things like brake linings and engine insulation.It was believed that inhaling asbestos fibers resulted in the fibers being lodged in the lungs and developing into mesothelioma.However, it is been discovered that the cause of mesothelioma is actually not asbestos. Asbestos may cause some of it, but most men afflicted with mesothelioma have never been exposed to asbestos ever in their entire life.Also, many men who worked in manufacturing industries with his best is never developed mesothelioma.I believe that mesothelioma is probably caused by a virus. There may be many viruses possible but one virus has been discovered in virtually all cases of mesothelioma, called the virus SV40.  more and more tumors and cancers are being linked to viruses such as this one.
    1. What are the complications of lung cancer?

    There are many complications with lung cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer is frequently treated with extremely deadly radiation and drugs. The drugs compromise the man’s immune system and may actually make the lung cancer more virulent.Men who have elected not to have treatment for their lung cancer often live as long or longer as men who get aggressive treatment with radiation and chemotherapy. There is in many cases little or no benefit to aggressive treatment because this treatment causes further complications and lung cancer rather than actually eliminating it or curing it.Patients who undergo surgery are often not likely to survive for very long afterwards. In one good study, patients who went through surgery were likely to die fairly soon of complications of the lung cancer and the surgery.There are people that have actually treated lung cancer in a different way, but this is controversial because it goes against what the doctors will tell you to do. Nothing here that I say should ever discourage you from getting medical advice or taking it. It’s just eye-opening to see what the actual results and the complications really are of the treatments today for lung cancer.

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