Can this physical act really dissolve cancer?

Men laughing and drinking coffee me

It sounds ridiculous — but the results from this study speak for themselves!

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Can this physical act really dissolve cancer?

This sounds too good to be true.

Can a simple physical act really make someone better even when they’re gravely ill?

The answer is most definitely yes.

While we’re conditioned to default to powerful chemicals as the only possible solutions, there are several other therapeutic solutions which can be implemented.

Our psyche and our perception about our health greatly affects the outcome.

Some people are told they have just a few months to live, and without fail they die in that timeframe.

Others don’t get a prognosis and end up living much longer.

For so long, conventional medicine looked down on basic things like food, light, and attitude at the expense of dangerous or otherwise invasive medical treatments.

A 2010 Japanese study reported the case of an 88 year old female patient with advanced gastric cancer.

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The patient asked not to receive conventional cancer treatment and was instead recommended laughter therapy as follows:

“The program was implemented in a laughter-inducing environment and consisted of five stages: (1) Making the patient feel safe, (2) Relaxing the patient, (3) Increasing the effectiveness, (4) Improving her condition and (5) Increasing her joy of living.”

The results spoke for themselves: five years later the patient was still well with significant reduction in the cancer pathology.

“Laughter, one of our casual behaviors, has the effect of reducing the stress experienced by the human body.’’ 

Something like laughter therapy is probably expected to only have an impact on quality of life, but there is likely more to it.

This exploratory study provided some evidence that laughter therapy may improve specific domains of quality of life and symptoms in cancer survivors. As laughter therapy has few, if any, harmful side effects, we propose that it can be implemented as a complementary therapy for cancer patients even if the beneficial effects are subtle. – Morishima et al. (2019)

In a way, laughter therapy mimics certain aspects of an enjoyable life.

Elderly people are often lonely and suffer greatly from this situation.

Company, and laughter are probably therapeutic at a very fundamental level.

For instance, social isolation has been associated with a feeling of coldness and thus lower metabolic energy.

In contrast, social interaction and pleasant surroundings is stimulating, and regularly induces feelings of warmth and vigor.

These considerations may feel useless in the context of severe diseases like cancer, but they are probably a crucial part of any recovery.

This case study should be a constructive example illustrating the importance of laughter (and by extension a positive outlook) in dealing with any health crisis.

In fact, being cheerful and laughing can make your body so much healthier that it can probably resist much of the aging process — letting you get older without appearing or acting old.

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